LHHATL Star Tommie Lee Calls out 50 Cent for Not Letting Her Be on ‘Power’

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The ending of “Power” was controversial.

When it comes to “Power,” 50 Cent made fans happy when he announced that there was much more in store despite the fact that the show ended after its sixth season. Before the announcement was made, viewers had a lot to say about the series finale. For several episodes, they were required to play a guessing game about who shot Ghost.

And while many had their own theories and discussed them on social media, ultimately, it was Tariq who pulled the trigger.

Of course, this was very controversial. Many could not understand why Tariq would kill his own father. However, creator Courtney Kemp explained it. And she said that Ghost’s decision to leave Tasha for Angela wasn’t something Tariq could ever forgive. He truly felt like Ghost abandoned his family to be with Angela.

So after Ghost put his hands on Tasha and changed his mind about taking a murder charge for Tariq, it was settled.

“Power” continues after Ghost’s demise.

However, the story continues. Last week, “Power Book II: Ghost” premiered. And so far, it’s been getting some good reactions. The show is built around Tariq’s life following the death of Ghost. From the first episode alone, it’s clear that there will be a lot of twists and turns down the road.

50 Cent is already pleased with the success of the first spinoff. There will be more to follow, including one for Tommy.

Interestingly enough, “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tommie Lee recently called out 50 Cent on social media. And she’s not happy that he rejected her for a role on “Power” in such a shady way.

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