Being Mary Jane Recap: Mary Jane & Kara Clash over Justin

Minutes after Kara catches MJ and Justin having an intimate moment, the GDU team have an emergency meeting.

They welcome the new right-wing reporter, Dani, and also welcome Kara back.

Later, Kara and MJ talk and Kara calls her out for hooking up with Justin.

“Because of the fact that you didn’t tell me means that you knew you were wrong. You dumped Lee for that piece of sh*t, snake-in-the-grass who had me fired?” – Kara

“Yeah, that snake also got you your job back. Yeah, that was Justin, not me.” – MJ

“That’s because you told him to.” – Kara

After MJ’s conversation with Kara, Justin tells MJ that they have to make sure Kara doesn’t rat them out.

Garett calls another meeting. He then plays a video of famous interior decorator Sandra Curtis condemning gays to hell while speaking at a pulpit. Sandra is one of their upcoming guests and was supposed to be helping GDU with a viewer home makeover contest that would span over four weeks. Most of the anchors agree her appearance should be cancelled, but Dani thinks Sandra shouldn’t be stripped of free speech.

Justin agrees with Dani and this annoys MJ. Aaliyah tells Garrett bringing Sandra on the show isn’t a good PR move, and Garret decides to ax Sandra’s appearance for now.

After the meeting, MJ reminds Justin that they are supposed to be on the same team at work but he stands by his views on Sandra.

Niecy arrives to New York and greets MJ at the newsroom. Since MJ doesn’t have time to hang out due to work, she puts together a tour schedule for Niecy and promises they will catch up later.

Niecy texts her prospective boo, Akili, that she will meet him in 20 minutes.

When they try to come up with a replacement guest, Kara tells Garrett that she knows who the new Bond girl is and she can come on instead. MJ thinks it’s a good idea but Justin says they should move forward with Sandra because Diane Sawyer is already trying to book her amid the controversy. He thinks they should keep her scheduled appearance because a little controversy is good for the show.

Garrett agrees much to Dani’s delight. MJ will conduct the interview.

Niecy meets Akili.

They meet at the park and he brings her a pizza. When Niecy isn’t impressed, he tells her she’s not getting enough culture in Atlanta. They have small talk and he gives her a rose and snaps some pictures of her since she figures out she’s at the park shown in Brown Sugar.

Kara is annoyed at work because Justin receives favoritism, leaving her with the bland segments. She complains to MJ and tells her she ponders ratting out her and Justin so she can make ground at work. When MJ questions if she really would, Kara walks away annoyed.

Niecy goes back to Akili’s place and they sleep together.

MJ tells Justin she’s worried Kara will throw them under the bus, and it could have been avoided it he never sided with Dani on the Sandra situation.

Justin sticks by his decision and tells MJ that they will tell Garrett about their relationship when the time is right.

They meet with Aaliyah at a restaurant to come up with a way to get a lot of buzz for their upcoming interview with Sandra. Aaliyah asks if they are willing to do just about anything to create buzz, and Justin and MJ confirm they are on board with using extreme measures. Aaliyah tells them she has a plan and they toast in her honor.

Kara comes home and sees Orlando and his cousin and friends eating and hanging out. She gets annoyed and kicks them out. Orlando explains they love hanging out at her place because she always has the best food.

Kara admits she’s frustrated at work because MJ is sleeping wth the man who got her fired. She questions MJ’s loyalty and feels like their friendship is on its last legs. She then asks Orlando to invite Garrett to hang out with him to help her at work. She convinces him to do it when she brings up the fact that getting cool with Garrett will help him get a broadcasting career after he retires from baseball.

Niecy comes to check out MJ’s new place.

Niecy tells MJ that it’s odd that she’s not depressed over her breakup wit Lee. She tells Niecy that multiple failed relationships have toughened her up.

Justin FaceTimes and MJ tells her she’s ignoring his call because it’s too late to talk about work.

“Why is he FaceTiming you if it’s just for work?” – Niecy

MJ offers to make Niecy some hot cocoa just so she can sneak off and return Justin’s phone call.

Later back at work, Garrett tells MJ and Justin that it’s now being rumored that Sandra is in the closet. They both realize that Aaliyah is the one who put out the rumors. Regardless, Sandra plans to address the rumors in her interview, so GDU should get a boost in ratings.

Sandra denies being gay and says she said what she said because she’s a strong believer in Christianity. When MJ points out that there are a lot of sins that Sandra doesn’t seem to take as seriously, Sandra points out that a lot of black people share her views.

MJ says her comments were nothing but bigotry but Sandra strongly disagrees and feels she is being criticized for believing in Christ.

MJ asks her if she has anything else she wants to say, and Sandra says she wants to tell the gays that Jesus loves them.

MJ wraps up the interview and gets lots of praise. When Dani tries to give her props, MJ calls her out for giving Sandra the black community talking points. She warns her to stay true to GDU and not help guests.

Kara congratulates her but when MJ tries to have small talk, Kara reminds her that they are not friends again and walks off.

Garrett’s night out with Orlando is a disaster after he gets drunk and gets knocked out.

Niecy wakes up at Akili’s place and finds him painting a portrait of her. He tells her he’s a painter but hasn’t started selling his work yet. She takes a look at his work and he asks if MJ can help him get his name out there. He asks to meet MJ and Niecy considers it.

Garrett fills Kara in on his crazy night at the club with Orlando, and he tells her he met a woman he really likes. He tells Kara he wants to hang out with Orlando again.

Niecy comes by the newsroom to tell MJ about Akili. She shows her his painting, and MJ tells her to find her own passion like her boo has.

“Hold on to that painting.” – MJ

MJ tells her to hang on to her to Akili’s work because it could be worth a lot one day.

Niecy meets Justin, MJ gets real.

Justin walks in and MJ introduces them. MJ figures out that Justin is MJ’s new boyfriend. Niecy admits she came to NY to spy on her for Helen, and she knows MJ cheated on Lee. MJ tells Niecy not to tell Helen about Justin or she’ll tell her about Niecy’s painter boo. Niecy assures her she will stay quiet.

Kara calls up Orlando and tells him he has to start thinking about distancing himself from his friends because it’s time for him to grow up.

But she thanks him for showing Garrett a good time.

Justin and MJ’s secret gets out.

The ratings come in from the interview with Sandra, and they are great. Garrett calls Justin and MJ in for a meeting and he tells them he knows they are dating.

He takes Justin off on MJ’s stories and sends him to Kentucky for at least a week to cover a story. MJ is devastated.

MJ confronts Kara and accuses her of snitching but Aaron tells Justin that he’s the one who told Garrett. Apparently he figured out Justin and MJ were a thing after he made a joke about MJ’s deirerre and Justin was not amused.

After another argument, Kara tells MJ that it was wrong for her to start dating Justin and she’s done watching her make bad relationship decisions.

The episode ends with MJ’s co-workers looking and whispering as MJ and Justin say their goodbyes.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Mary Jane is one of the most unlikable TV characters of all time. She literally cares about no one but herself.

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