Moniece Thinks Masika’s Refusal to Film with Alexis is Counterproductive

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the latest episode of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Masika Kalysha went all the way off on Zell Swag and the producers after she was asked about Alexis Skyy.

Masika told production that she refuses to discuss Alexis and “give her life” while the cameras are rolling, but Masika’s bestie Moniece Slaughter thinks Masika’s actions are actually counterproductive.

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  1. It is counterproductive. So is tweeting about her all day. Alexis is actually giving her life while shouting that she refuses to give her life. She’s a joke.

  2. I agree. How can you say you don’t want to give her a storyline and not realize that pushing camera people and throwing cups at producers because her name was brought up during a scene isn’t giving her a storyline as well?

  3. I’m going to assume this will be Masika’s last season since she has such an issue with the the show now.

  4. Now even cuckoo bird Moniece making more sense of the situation than Masika smh. Masika is so delusional and scary you ain’t giving her camera time but giving her all the time in the world on twitter. She scary and I’m not talking about fighting but to face the facts and get confronted with those lies.

  5. Masika is avoiding Alexis because she doesn’t want all of her lies to be exposed. She’s full of sh-t.

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