Claws Recap: Desna Pleads with Roller to Live + Uncle Daddy & Bryce Make a Huge Mistake

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By: A.J. Niles

The latest episode of “Claws” featured plenty of flashbacks to explain how everything came to be with Desna and Roller. However, in their present day, they are on pretty bad terms.

Roller still has Desna kidnapped and she learns her fate while being a part of Roller’s plan of redemption and revenge.

Meanwhile Polly learns that Desna is in danger and they all could be getting handcuffed, thanks to Ann’s fling Arlene.

Bryce and Uncle Daddy get into another pickle dealing with the head of the Dixie Mafia. Lastly, Dean reveals he is ready for a big change in his life thanks to Virginia.

Here is the recap for the episode, “Ambrosia.”

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  1. That episode should be called “Roller’s song”. When she snitched on him to the Russians in the previous episode, I said to myself, “Desna is the bad guy”. When I saw the flashbacks, he went into detail about surviving a killing, and that he actually loved her, she looked all the worse. I am actually glad she heard him talk about it because no amount of cheating and duping someone out their funds warranted an attempted assassination . LOL, if he does not kill her, she owes him for life. It was an intense episode with great acting.

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