Claws Recap: Desna Pleads with Roller to Live + Uncle Daddy & Bryce Make a Huge Mistake

We learn how Desna and Roller meet.

The episode opens up with a flashback of when Roller meets Desna for the first time. Desna first arrives to the shop stressed out. Her car broke down and her cell phone is cut off. Trying to cheer her up, Polly tries to tell her about the Medicaid scam she’s running. However, Desna doesn’t want to hear about any of it.

Roller walks in shortly after that conversation and asks, “Which one of y’all is open for a manicure?” Jenn introduces him as Bryce’s brother, who is running the clinic. He came back from Tallahassee two days prior.

As Roller sits down at Desna’s table, he’s immediately smitten by her. However, Desna wasn’t interested.

“We take cash and avoid felonies.” – Desna

Desna is Roller’s hostage.

Things move forward to current time, and they aren’t good as Roller has Desna kidnapped by gun point. He is going to have her drain bank accounts and then kill her making it look like a suicide.

“Handle these Russians… Get my business back. Roller’s been gone too long.” – Roller

Desna tells Roller that her girls will come looking for her as soon as they notice something isn’t right.

Just when Desna thought she could breathe a little easier being kidnapped, Roller puts his gold-plated gun to her head, looking for answers.

“Why didn’t my family look for me harder when I was being held by some crazy opera-singing ho?” – Roller

Roller then mocks Miss Honeychurch’s voice.

“Mr. Emerson, would you like some tea and crumpets… while I slather your c*** with clotted cream?” – Roller

Roller realizes she is right, however, and has her call the shop to tell them he is going along with their plan, and she will go see Robert.

Desna calls the shop, planting a seed that she isn’t okay.

Desna calls the shop and Virginia picks up. Desna tells her everything Roller told her to say She also tells Virginia that if anything happens to her, they will go to Uncle Daddy and tell him everything.

“Y’all should go celebrate. I know I am. I’m gonna get together with the doctor, and, uh, go have lamb chops and ambrosia salad. Then, I’m gonna fall on his c***. Make sure you tell Polly…and everybody.” – Desna

While Virginia is on the phone, Polly is outside, trying to break things off with Dr. Ken. Ken brought her over some flowers but Polly isn’t showing interest. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything serious and to stop sending her flowers.

“You’re acting too thirsty, boy!” – Polly

Ken responds, “I am thirsty! Thirsty for you, thirsty for your love.”

Ken then goes in detail of their last tryst.

When Desna hangs up, Virginia tells the shop that Roller isn’t going to kill her and Desna. She also tells the shop that Desna is going to go over Robert’s, and celebrate by “falling on his c***.”

Jenn and Polly notice that Desna said c*** when she usually describes it as “big a** d***.” However, they don’t look into it and take what Virginia says as true.

Roller seems to be in better spirits as he plays oldies on the car radio and begins to sing. However, he then puts the gun to Desna’s head and tells her to take all of the salon’s money from the bank.

He then tells Desna that Uncle Daddy and everyone moved on from him.

Desna’s trouble begins when Polly got arrested.

In another flashback scene, Roller is sitting for a pedicure as Polly gets arrested by Palmetto police. Jenn is telling Desna that Roller is into her, and Desna isn’t interested in getting with a hustler like him. Jenn mocks her, saying it’s because he’s got a pink d***.

Back in the present, Desna and Roller reach the bank and he tells her to withdraw all of the salon’s money. The teller is on her first day and tells them that. She asks if Desna goes to First AME Church. Desna tells her no, but she goes to Holy Ezkezial Lutheran Presbyterian. This is an acronym for help. The New teller, who is confused by this, spells out help.

“I ain’t never heard of that.” – Bank Teller

“It’s called Help!” – Desna

Roller reacts by smacking Desna on the butt rather hard. The teller gets the money and they walk out as Roller holds Desna close.

Ann and Arlene are messing around at Arlene’s place. Arlene wants to move their play to the shower and for Ann to grab some toys. Arlene gets the toys, but one of them rolled under the bed. When Ann looks for the toy under the bed, she sees a case file next to the bed. Ann opens it up and sees Desna’s picture in it, with arrows pointing to her.

The documents show that Arlene has been investigating Desna’s connection to the murder of her foster parents.

This file puts Ann in a really uncomfortable place.

Bryce heads to She She’s to talk to Uncle Daddy. He wants the entire crew to live up to their potential. Bryce also says it looks weak for them not to step up for Roller. He feels they can only do this by going after the Russians. As Uncle Daddy is still against it, Bryce brings up how he avenged the murder of his father.

Uncle Daddy comes around and tells Bryce that he will ask for a sit down with his boss from Georgia.

When they leave the bank, Roller throws Desna against the car, telling her to never pull what she did in the bank again. She digs in her purse for the car key and finds a sharp nail shop tool in the bag.

Desna fought off Roller’s advances at first.

This triggers another flashback where Roller and Desna are sitting in the clinic. He is trying to ask her out on a date. He tells her she needs a distraction from what’s going on with her and Polly.

Desna and Roller are in the car and Desna tries to plead with him. She tells him to just go to Uncle Daddy and tell him everything, and he was torn up about his “death.”

At this point, the car suddenly gets a flat tire and Roller demands they pull over.

Once they pull over, he finds the shop tool in the tire, and out of anger, he ties her to the steering wheel. As Desna screams out in pain from the ties, he yells at her and barks in her face, a sign that he is suffering from PTSD.

Another flashback appears with Desna and Roller sitting in the VIP of She She’s. As they are drinking wine, he tells her about Uncle Daddy and his father.

“Yeah, so my pop and Uncle Daddy — They were thick as thieves. Basically, we ran up and down the Gulf coast, because they had a few little humble spots they ran. Some punk got it in his head — believe it or not— that my pops owed him money, and he, uh… gunned down my family in front of the church we all went to. Then Uncle Daddy took me under his wing.” – Roller

When Desna asks him if he is a drug dealer, he says he just get pills to those who want them but don’t need them.

Desna’s plan of escaping is foiled by a loyal Uncle Daddy cop.

Back in present time, a Palmetto County Police officer pulls up to Desna’s car with a flat tire. Desna tries to plead with the cop that she is in danger, but the cop notices Roller and ignores the cries.

He then tells Roller to tell his Uncle he said hi.

“You Hussers are into some crazy s***.” – Police officer

Ann pulls Polly into the office to tell her that Arlene is going to have Desna arrested for setting up the Coombs’ murder. Polly hones in on the fact that Ann is still seeing Arlene.

“Desna told you to cut bait.” – Polly

Polly asks her when it’s supposed to happen and Ann replies, “Sometime today.”

This freaks out Polly who doesn’t want to go back to jail.

After a brief shouting match about all the things Desna has done for Ann, they come up with a plan to deal with Arlene.

Ted, the Dixie Mafia leader shows up, which leads to another jam for Bryce and Uncle Daddy.

The Boss of the Dixie Mafia, Ted, meets with Bryce and Uncle Daddy at She She’s. Uncle Daddy tells Bryce to not speak unless spoken to. When the leader arrives, he tries to keep things short. He comes off as a hippie of sorts, working on his anger. He says he is in town for a candlemaker’s convention.

Ted wants to use a sharing stick to conduct the conversation. One can only speak if they have the stick in possession. He passes it over to Uncle Daddy and who notices the stick had blood on it.

While holding the sharing stick, he pleads with Ted to go after the Russians.

Ted takes the stick back and says no. They can not afford to bring any extra attention to their operation.

“Stop being a got damn p*ssy!” – Bryce

Ted then beats Bryce with the sharing stick for speaking out of turn.

When Ted turns to leave, Bryce has a sudden burst of anger, pushes Ted and he falls, hitting his head on stairs to the stripper stage. This kills Ted.

Bryce freaks out and cries uncontrollably and Uncle Daddy tells him to shut up.

Roller learns that Desna set him up with the Russians.

Roller and Desna are driving when he gets a text message from the Russians. The message tells him that there has been a change of plans, and to meet them at Employment Land.

Roller thinks they will try to kill them. When Desna tells him that he isn’t sure about this, he yells at her, telling her to just drive.

Roller smacks himself in the head because he feels he should’ve seen it coming.

Desna is still insistent on calling Uncle Daddy. This angers Roller who puts the gun to her head. He yells at her, ‘What did you do?’

Desna pleads with him, telling Roller that she told Riva that he blamed their murder attempt on him on the Russians. She cries out, “I’m sorry,” but Roller still has the gun to her head.

Roller then demands she pulls the car over.

Polly and Anne set up Arlene.

Desna is with Dr. Ken, pleading for 5 “Benzo” pills for Ann to use on Arlene. However, he isn’t listening, still salty over Polly ignoring his advances.

His mood changes when she suggests that he can get a date if he helps. He then changes his mood and then gives her the pills from his personal stash.

Ann and Arlene are sitting outside drinking coffee. Ann goes inside of the shop, getting the coffee and dropping the poison into it. Ann is feeling incredibly nervous because she is going to poison Arlene. Ann tunes Arlene out as she drinks the poisoned drink. Next, we see the poison working as she swerves her car onto a center median.

A cop pulls up and sees Arlene passed out in the car.

A frustrated Jenn steps out on Bryce.

Jenn calls Bryce and says they should go to dinner. He tells her he’s busy in a freezer and they will have to catch up later. Meanwhile, Bryce is panicked with Uncle Daddy in a freezer at She She’s. They drag Ted’s body into the freezer, hiding it so no one from the Dixie Mafia will find it.

Jenn thinks he is on drugs when he explains as much as he could about whats going on. Jenn hangs up in disappointment, and heads over to the Jewish shop, talking with Hank.

As Jenn pours her heart out to Hank, telling him that she doesn’t know how much more she can take from Bryce.

Suddenly, they kiss each other in the shop. At the end of the kiss, they both say, “S***.”

We learned how Roller is able to hook Desna into washing money.

Roller had time to collect his thoughts as he relieved himself on the side of the road. Desna is disappointed because Roller still wants to head over to the park.

In another flashback scene, Desna is walking out Roller when they run into Dean. As Desna introduces Dean to Roller, a mouse appears and freaks him out.

Roller helps him out by acting like he killed a rat.

Roller tells her that she needs an exterminator and she replies, “I need to get out of this s***hole.”

At this point, Roller sees an opening and asks if she wants to use the shop to launder his money.

“You want in on the game? You could wash that money.” – Roller

A montage ensues with Roller showing Desna how to wash the money, and giving her bigger amounts.

The flashback ends with Desna talking with Polly in prison, who wants her to leave the game.

“It’ll be hard to spend [your bonus] when you’re dead.” – Polly

Dean wants to marry Virginia.

Back in the car, Desna pleads to call Dean to tell him goodbye. She calls and he tells her that he and Virginia have been having lots of intercourse and he loves her.

He tells her that Virginia loves him and helps him when he gets frazzled, and she has food issues that could place her on the autistic spectrum.

“We’re an excellent match.” – Dean

Dean then tells Desna that he wants to ask Virginia for her hand in marriage, and wants his sister’s blessing.

“If I get married, you don’t have to take care of me anymore.” – Dean

Dean also wants Desna to marry he and Virginia. He tells her she can get her license on the internet. Desna replies that she wants him to always remember that she loves him. She then tells Dean to go into her glove box, take the money in it to buy Virginia a wedding ring.

When they hang up, Roller tells her not to worry about him killing her. He says he will make it quick and he will bury her and bring flowers to her grave.

However, Desna pleads with him that they can run off but he ignores it.

“Maybe I can hit you upside the head, cut you… shoot you, choke your a**, burn you alive—unsuccessfully.” – Roller

This angers Roller again, as he still feels PTSD of sorts from everything that happened to him.

He then tells Desna that he fought for her against Uncle Daddy. In a flashback scene, he pleads with Uncle Daddy that he owes Desna the $20,000 bonus. When he tells Uncle Daddy he promised the money, Uncle Daddy twists his ear telling him that he calls the shots and not to promise anyone his money.

Polly puts things together.

When Ann and Polly get back to the salon, Ann walks into the office and lets a loud scream. She is upset that they had to get rid of Arlene. Next, Dean walks in, telling Polly to give him her bridal magazines because he is going to propose to Virginia.

When Polly asks if Desna approves, he tells her yes.

“She sounded strange but she approves.” – Dean

This puzzles Polly. Dean tells her that Desna called her. Polly then has Dean sit down and pulls Virginia to the side and asks her what Desna said on the phone again.

Virginia gives her an even more detailed list of what Desna said and even mentioned something about a “euphoria salad.”

Polly then plays back everything said to her and even the flashback with Desna telling her to call and say “Ambrosia Salad” if anything bad happens to her in prison. Polly realizes that Desna is in danger and walks into the office.

Roller sets his plan in motion, putting Desna’s life in danger.

Roller and Desna get to the amusement park. Desna pleads with Roller to turn around but he ignores her. When they meet up with the Russians, he throws them the money. But then, he manages to shoot one of them in the chest and other in the head.

Desna then runs off as Roller chases her. Eventually, Roller catches up to her and sets her up on her knees to be executed. However as he ready to pull the trigger, someone tries to shoot him from the back, and Desna calling his name to warn him. Roller dodges the bullet and then runs after the gunman.

Desna takes this moment to run away in the opposite direction.


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  1. That episode should be called “Roller’s song”. When she snitched on him to the Russians in the previous episode, I said to myself, “Desna is the bad guy”. When I saw the flashbacks, he went into detail about surviving a killing, and that he actually loved her, she looked all the worse. I am actually glad she heard him talk about it because no amount of cheating and duping someone out their funds warranted an attempted assassination . LOL, if he does not kill her, she owes him for life. It was an intense episode with great acting.

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