Lil Boosie Causes Controversy with Birthday Shout out to Son (UPDATE)

When it comes to headlines, Boosie is no stranger to being tied to controversy.

Hours ago, he wished his son a happy birthday on Instagram but some folks believe the caption is way out of line.

His son reportedly turned fourteen, but Boosie wrote that he will make sure his son gets “a bad b*tch” and “some head” on his big day.

TMZ writes:

Looks like it’s going down for Boosie’s son’s birthday — as in oral sex — but the kid’s only 14.

From the “God we hope this is just a VERY bad joke” department … Boosie wished his son, Tootie Raw, a happy birthday and promised him a bag of money and “a bad b*tch to give u some head.”

Here’s the thing — even if it is a joke, it’s a joke about child molestation, right?

Too far? Check out the screenshot below:

UPDATE: Boosie responds to the backlash and tells TMZ he was just joking.

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  1. Ain’t he the same one who had his little daughter saying the N word on video? Nobody should be surprised.

  2. This is why some people don’t need to have kids. Why does a 14 year old need to given access to a prostitute? I can’t!

  3. Boosie ain’t sh-t. He’s teaching his kids dysfunction at a young age and that’s sad as f-ck.

  4. Sick as f-ck. And to think, so many people wanted this man out of prison. Now they see he’s a cancer to the black community.

  5. & he’s probably not joking! smh he has a song called “daddy love you” in which he says “at 11 ima go get my son a ferrari, at 7 ima get him head at his birthday party” i guess he thinks its cute to treat his sons like one of his homies smh

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