Chance The Rapper Believes He Has a Bigger Voice Than Donald Trump

Chance the Rapper is proud of his accomplishments and now he’s convinced that he has a bigger voice than Donald Trump or any other politician.

In a recent interview with podcast What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito, Chance had some pretty interesting things to say.

VLAD TV writes:

Chance discussed his one million dollar donations to the Chicago Public School system and how his efforts got many young adults to vote in last year’s election. He in a very frank manner stated, “I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump than literally anybody that works in politics. And so yes I can connect with people on a level of appealing as a person who’s still a citizen, who still does what he wants. But I have ideas for how to voice opinions and make change that other people just don’t have.”

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  1. I liked Chance but now he’s getting on my nerves. If he had a bigger voice than Trump, Hillary would be president and gangs would have died in Chicago. But that didn’t happen, right? He should humble himself.

  2. Why does he do this? I remember when he tried to lie and say he saved SoundCloud. He’s always trying to make himself look so powerful but screams he’s an independent artist in the same breath.

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