‘Claws’ Recap: Uncle Daddy Loses a Family Member + Desna Makes a Sacrifice

Photo Credit: TNT

By: A.J. Niles

On the season one finale of “Claws,” things ended on a crazy note. Desna was able to get away from Roller, just to get thrown right back into more danger. She has to delicately negotiate things between Uncle Daddy and Riva. Unfortunately for Jen, her kids were thrown in the middle of it.

Meanwhile, Polly’s young friend Marnie finds herself needing help to free herself from her escorting mother. Lastly, Virginia learns news that will change her and Dean’s life.

Here is the recap for the finale titled, “Avalanche.”

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  1. I was worried about Claws for awhile because I just didn’t like how they did the Roller dead/alive angle but I can admit I was wrong. The finale was good and everything came back full circle.

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