‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Put on Blast by Oldest Son and Baby Daddy (UPDATE)

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By: A.J. Niles

“Black Ink Crew” star Sky is no stranger to controversy.

She’s also developed quite the fan base thanks to being open about her past.

Through out the series, Sky repeatedly spoke about how she had two sons at a very young age, having to give the kids up for adoption. We’ve seen her repeatedly express deep regret and emotion on the show while discussing her sons, with expressing a desire to contact them.

However, when it came to their fathers, Sky let it be known she wanted noting to do with either of them.

Last season, one of them came to the shop and Sky expressed having feelings that her life was in danger with him being around. It took a very calm Walt to talk to her baby’s father and convince him to leave.

Recently, an interview surfaced with Sky’s oldest son and his father. Both expressed their side of things, letting it be known that Sky may not have been entirely truthful about everything. In fact, Sky may have been lying about quite a few things including how she lost custody of her children.

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  1. This was sad. It’s obvious that her son wants a relationship with her and he’s resentful that she doesn’t seem to want one with him.

  2. But he never said any of this when he went on the show. He basically agreed with her then. And weren’t they taking pics with Duchess gettin ink at her shop? Something must be going on. Even if Sky LOST custody, why didn’t he get custody then?

  3. So basically, Sky is a deadbeat mother but she got on TV and pretended she wanted a relationship with her kids for sympathy and a storyline. These reality stars need to stop being so fraudulent.

  4. I’m just waiting for Sky’s stans to blame this on Dutchess. That’s what they always do when she’s been exposed. This chick is a compulsive liar. She even admitted on the show that she lied about having just one baby daddy but as always, she starts ugly crying and everyone continues to feel sorry for her.

  5. Sky is a piece of sh-t if this true. If you couldn’t take care of him,then you should’ve contacted the father’s family.

  6. Her son just wants a relationship. He’s hurting but that’s all it is. He’s doing interviews to get her attention.

  7. I see she got on the phone quick so she can keep up her fake a-s image. Still a deadbeat. The daddy too.

  8. She should’ve kept it all the way 100 from the jump….cause now every1 is side eye-ing her a$$ smh….he’s a nice looking young man. I think they both need to go to therapy….and she needs to work on being in his life as well as the other 1

  9. It’s still time for Sky to have a relationship with her sons. She just has to initiate it. But all that lying she’s been doing is wack.

  10. Its sad to see she had to put her face time convo on social media, trying to gain sympathy again. you need to handle ur son situation behind closed doors.

  11. This is so very sad.I feel bad for the son.I felt bad for her until she’s buying beautiful homes instead of breaking off some bread for her son and his father.who stepped up .to the plate .like a real man.

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