‘Baller Wives’ Recap: Aja & Miko Clash + Kijafa’s Friend Throws a Drink at a Pregnant Stacey

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Baller Wives,” plenty of confrontations occurred.

First, Kijafa’s friend Carmena throws a drink into Stacey’s face. Next, newcomers Crystal and Emmaly sling accusations back and forth.

Lastly, Miko and Aja try to hash things out about their kids who are friends and attend the same school. However, Miko feels very strongly that Aja’s husband Channing Crowder got her fired from a radio station.

Here is the recap for, “Episode 2.”

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  1. I have to rely on the write up cause watching the first episode got my PTSD acting up…I wasn’t expecting these chicks to be this messy

  2. Oh well, that drink to the face calmed her down. I don’t get it you’re with child so go some where and sit down and shut up. Why are you all up in it and wanna use the I’m, with child so, spare me. You should be thinking about your child and not get into the crap cause it’s all crap. you lucky a drink is all you got these folks out here on a short fuse, I wouldn’t take the chance.

    1. I totally agree. This Stacey woman is a total mess ratchet. And being pregnant has nothing to do with her being trash. She treat people like crap and gets mad if she gets the same treatment? Woman you aint respectable. Deal with it.

  3. Miko is another wreck. She got fired and blaming the world for her incompetency. What does a 5 yo child has to do with her beef with the dad? Deal with the right person woman and deal your problems like a grown woman. You are def out of proportion. Such a mess.

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