‘Baller Wives’ Recap: Aja & Miko Clash + Kijafa’s Friend Throws a Drink at a Pregnant Stacey

Carmena throws a drink in Stacey’s face.

The episode begins with the ladies still arguing at the rooftop party. Kijafa and Stacey are going off on one another and their friends join in on the shade. Jeniva accuses Stacey of sleeping with her husband Asante and his brother..

“I did not f*** her dirty d*** husband.” – Stacey

Kijafa feels like Stacey is causing too much trouble.

“You can’t go f***ing up s*** like this. You’re the wife of a baller.” – Kijafa

Stacey and Jeniva are going back and forth, then all of a sudden Carmena, Kijafa’s friend, throws a drink on a eight months pregnant Stacey. Security quickly steps in.

Stacey is livid at Kijafa and her friends. Miko is angry as well and says Carmena was out of line for throwing a drink on Stacey.

“If I ever cross paths with Carmena, I am snatching that b****’s wig off.” – Stacey

Carmena tells Kijafa and the rest of the group that she threw the drink in Stacey’s face because she didn’t appreciate the jab Stacey threw at Kijafa about her deceased mother. Kijafa admits the comment did hurt her and she breaks down in tears as they rehash how painful it was to witness Kijafa’s mother slowly pass away from a serious illness. Despite this, Kijafa feels Carmena took things way too far.

Meanwhile, Kijafa’s friends are angry with Miko that she brought Stacey.

Kijafa says she only brought everyone together to announce her pregnancy. The mood of the party then changes, as everyone starts celebrating Kijafa’s pregnancy.

In the car, Miko and Crystal confront Stacey about what she said about Kijafa’s mom. She says she didn’t know Kijafa’s mom passed away, nor did she hear what Kijafa was saying at the time, so she misspoke. Miko and Stacey also seem to feel like Kijafa is very controlling of all of her friends and has too much influence over their actions.

Miko says can’t blame Stacey for how she acted and can’t believe anyone would assault a pregnant woman.

Kijafa learns the risks of her pregnancy.

The next day, Kijafa is at her doctor’s office because she is worried about her little one growing inside. She learns that it is a high risk pregnancy. Her doctor advised her against having a baby but she ended up pregnant a decade later.

Her doctor comes in and tells her she needs to keep her stress levels down. If she enters a labor early, that could be bad for her and the baby. Since her last pregnancy was also high risk, she is nervous both she and the could die. In her interview, she begins to cry at the thought of not being there for her children.

Meet Crystal and Emmaly.

Miko surprises Stacey with an impromptu baby shower. However, Stacey feels baby showers are boring. Despite that, she thinks Milo did a great job with the surprise party.

Stacey’s friend Crystal arrives. Her baby’s daddy is Ray-Ray Robinson, who plays for the 49ers. They broke up a year ago. The ladies who arrive give her gifts. One of them gives Stacey energy stones. However, Stacey feels Kijafa is the one who needs the good energy more than she does.

They later recap what happened to Stacey at Kijafa’s party. Miko says that Kijafa should’ve checked Carmena for throwing the drink.

Kijafa is working out with Emmaly. She dated a few NFL athletes and is a former video vixen. Kijafa calls her a party girl, and says she is good to be around. Emmaly says Kijafa took her under her wing. They talk about how one of her NFL baby daddy’s isn’t claiming her youngest son. They supposedly made the baby when they weren’t together. She says this player and Emmaly have been off and on for almost 10 years now.

Kijfafa is told that Emmaly’s baby’s father doesn’t want their business in the public.

Crystal spills tea about Emmaly.

Stacey and Crystal have a play date for their daughters when Crystal drops tea about Emmaly. They are beefing because they dated the same NFL baller and Emmaly calls her a home wrecker.

“I can’t be a home wrecker because I didn’t know about you.” – Crystal

Crystal says Emmaly has a “hush baby” by her ex and says she’s being paid to keep quiet.

Many arguments occur on Kijafa’s yacht.

Kijafa and Jeniva are hosting a yacht party. Jeniva wants to get everyone together, except Stacey, to get everyone on the same page. Emmaly arrives and shoots a dirty look to Crystal. Emmaly mentions that she loved the guy Crystal slept with.

As the rest of the girls are partying, Aja arrives and Miko side eyes her arrival. Miko doesn’t like Aja because her husband Channing bad mouthed her. She also thinks Channing got her fired from a radio gig. Channing plays for the Miami Dolphins and Miko’s husband Brent left the team for Tampa Bay.

Aja feels Miko is delusional for thinking Channing got her fired from the radio station he works. Channing feels that she wasn’t a “viable radio host.”

Meanwhile, Crystal is salty about Emmaly being there.

“Emmaly’s been dodging me because she knows she’s wrong about me. She wants to sit there and make it seem that I was this home wrecker, but she knows the deal. Why didn’t she come and ask me what was going on? We have mutual friends, we have time to sit here and talk about it. But you won’t approach me.” – Crystal

When the two engage one another, Crystal immediately asks about the home wrecker shade. Crystal says she does not mess with boyfriends or husbands, and doesn’t condone any of her friends behaving like that.

In her green screen interview, Emmaly says, “When I was dating my boyfriend, she was someone he was sleeping with on the side. Therefore, she was a home wrecker.”

They then begin arguing about Crystal saying Emma has a hush baby. Crystal denies saying it.

Crystal and Emma start yelling back and forth about this, and Jeniva wants these two to calm down. Kijafa also says kids should be off-limits.

Once Crystal and Aja cool off, Aja and Miko start hashing their issues out. Instead of yelling across a table, Miko pulls Aja to the side. Miko says she can’t be friends with Aja because of her husband Channing. Miko then says her son beats up Aja’s son. Aja doesn’t believe it.

Miko also tells Aja that her son has been getting in trouble at school.

Aja disputes these claims and says she’s not feeling the conversation anymore. They seem to reach an understanding and will be cordial. However, Aja isn’t interested in being friends.

Aja and Miko hang out with their kids.

Later on, Aja is with Channing and their kids. Channing says he retired from the Dolphins six years ago and has been working in sports radio in Miami. They talk to Channing Jr. about Miko’s son Aiden. When asked if he’s friends with Aiden, Channing Jr. says yes.

Channing say’s Miko wasn’t good at her job at the station but he didn’t get her fired. He also felt she relied on her access to the locker room too much at the station.

Although Aja and Miko aren’t currently on the best terms, Aja is a realtor and she still invited Brent and Miko to an open house she’s hosting for a $7.9 million dollar home.

Meanwhile, Miko is at the tennis court with Aiden and they are playing. She says he’s really honest and sensitive like she is, but smart like Brent.

She asks Aiden if everything is going good at school and he says yes. She asks him she should be friends with Aja even though they don’t really get along, and he says he doesn’t have anything to do with the situation. He then says to ignore the bad things when it comes to maintaining friendships.

In a green screen interview, Miko says she understands that her son is young but despite his age, he’s very wise and she enjoys talking to him.

Aja and Miko get their husbands involved.

Aja and Channing are setting up for the open house for the multi-million dollar home. It’s over 12,000 square feet and the biggest property ever for Aja’s career. She’s invited other baller wives and their men to the open house. After addressing the crowd, she expresses pleasure with the size of the turnout. Brent and Miko arrive a short time later.

Miko is looking forward to getting an apology from Channing. Aja speaks to Miko and Brent excuses himself. Immediately, things turn into a minor confrontation as Aja addresses how Miko brought up Channing. Aja also tells Miko that she feels like she’s trying to come for each member of her family.

Jeniva says they need to hash things out with their husbands. Aja and Miko agree. The episode ends with Aja and Channing walking up on Brent and Miko to talk things out outside of the open house.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I have to rely on the write up cause watching the first episode got my PTSD acting up…I wasn’t expecting these chicks to be this messy

  2. Oh well, that drink to the face calmed her down. I don’t get it you’re with child so go some where and sit down and shut up. Why are you all up in it and wanna use the I’m, with child so, spare me. You should be thinking about your child and not get into the crap cause it’s all crap. you lucky a drink is all you got these folks out here on a short fuse, I wouldn’t take the chance.

    1. I totally agree. This Stacey woman is a total mess ratchet. And being pregnant has nothing to do with her being trash. She treat people like crap and gets mad if she gets the same treatment? Woman you aint respectable. Deal with it.

  3. Miko is another wreck. She got fired and blaming the world for her incompetency. What does a 5 yo child has to do with her beef with the dad? Deal with the right person woman and deal your problems like a grown woman. You are def out of proportion. Such a mess.

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