Survivor’s Remorse Recap: M Chuck Breaks Down, Cam Finds the Letters + Reggie Opens Up

M Chuck and Pookie are on the way to the graveyard.

Pookie is driving M Chuck to the graveyard to see the graves of the three men who raped Cassie.

She offered him some gas money but he rejects it and this leads to an argument between them. After the argument, M Chuck then asks how her Uncle Julius found out who raped Casie and got her pregnant.

Turns out, the three men who raped Cassie went around town bragging about it and it got back to Julius. He then had them killed.

Cassie and Chen are making out in his teenage bedroom but Cassie gets distracted.

In the middle of their passionate moment, Cassie tells him she’s being put off by the multiple posters of random Asian models on his walls.

He tells her that he was restricted from posting any models of color thanks to growing up in “Communist China.”

She then tells Chen that she nor her kids ever grew up in such nice bedrooms.

But Chen reminds her that if it wasn’t for her, none of her kids would have the lives they have now.

“Yet, look at all they have now. You gave them the perseverance to get there…a more valuable gift.” – Chen

He offers to take down the posters, but she tells them it’s really no need.

Cam goes back to his childhood home.

His childhood friend, Paul, meets him at the place and they discuss how much gentrification has changed things. Cam admits he’s resentful of not buying up property back in the day while he had a chance, but Paul reminds him they can flip houses now and do well.

Cam isn’t so sure about it but agrees to think it over.

Paul’s friend Mark shows up and tells them that he did some research on the new home owner of Cam’s childhood home. He was able to talk him into meeting so Cam can see if he can retrieve the letters from his dad.

Paul says he met Mark on Facebook and they now play softball together.

Missy arrives to the hospital to check on Reggie.

Reggie’s father Trent went behind his back and notified Missy about his injuries. She quickly greets him and asks him what happened. He tells her that it was just a “tussle” and he’s not sure what caused it because he came on the scene in the middle of it.

Missy is confused as to how it can be classified as a tussle if Reggie is in the emergency room.

“When everyone in the fight walks away from the fight, yeah, I call that a tussle.” – Trent

He then tells her that Reggie was hit in the head by a bottle. Missy is shocked but he then thanks her for telling Reggie he was in town because it led to Reggie agreeing to meet him.

Reggie walks up on them talking and reminds his father sternly that he is not to speak to Missy.

Missy thinks quick on her feet and tells Reggie that the hospital called her, not Trent. She claims she is his emergency contact listed on his insurance plan and this information is listed with his policy number.

He accepts this as true and apologizes for getting riled up.

Reggie and Missy notice Trent’s hand is badly hurt and Reggie suggests they get him looked at. Trent is against this but Reggie offers to pay the hospital bill since it’s the hand Trent used to whoop him with.

Cam gets the letters.

The man who is currently living in Cam’s childhood home, Brian, locates the letters. He placed them in a box and hands them over and says they were hidden under tiles he later replaced while remodeling the home. He tells Cam he kept the letters because his father was also in prison but eventually died.

“Mark and I were in Club Scouts together. Think about that for a second. Now he’s playing softball with your friend here. How the f*ck do you think that happened?” – Brian

“Facebook, man.” – Paul

“F*ck Facebook. This is God. You and I are two degrees of separation from each other and we didn’t even know it. I’m sorry, I’m a hockey guy. I don’t know sh*t about basketball. I don’t even know who the f*ck you are, really…all I’m saying is you can’t keep questioning how prayers are answered. You just gotta throw it out there to God and let Him work in His mysterious ways. And once in a while, on occasion, He pulls out this miraculous supernatural Harry Potter sh*t to remind us who he is. And so things like this can happen.” – Brian

Cam offers Brian some free Celtics tickets and he accepts.

After a passionate moment with Cassie, Chen then dances and removes all the posters off the walls.

Cam sits outside his childhood home and starts reading the letters from his dad.

M Chuck and Pookie arrive to the graveyard.

After Trent’s hand is looked at, he is told to come back the next day so it can be worked on. In the meantime, his hand is bandaged up and he turns down pain pills so he won’t mess up his sobriety.

Reggie and Missy insist he comes home with them so they can look out for him and he reluctantly agrees.

M Chuck has an emotional moment.

She visits the headstones of the Cassie’s three rapists. They were buried side by side.

She emotionally tells them who she grew up to be, and how she’s happy to be going to college and proud to be a lesbian. She then questions if “Rape Dad Number three” apologized and begged for his life the night of his death.

“Did you cry and beg for your life? Because this is so f*cked up.” – M Chuck

She then breaks down crying and Pookie consoles her.

M Chuck admits she wanted to visit their graves because she thought it would make her feel better but that is not the case.

As Cam continues to read the letters from his father to his girlfriend on the phone, Reggie, Missy and Trent are quietly riding back home from the hospital.

The camera then zooms in on the side view mirror, which happens to show Reggie and Trent’s reflections. The camera then zooms in on the message written on the side view mirror, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

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