‘Baller Wives’ Recap: Channing Stands His Ground with Miko + Miko Confronts Kijafa

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Baller Wives,” Miko Grimes has her chance to hash things out with Aja Crowder’s husband Channing. She also has a sit down with Kijafa and learns that Kijafa never considered her a friend.

Lastly, Miko’s friendship with Jeniva Samuels gets tested when Miko and Brent host their anniversary party, and Jeniva doesn’t show up.

Speaking of parties, Mike and Jeniva Vick host their gender reveal party and Jeniva and Asante Samuel deal with an injury in the boxing ring.

Here is the recap for, “Episode 3.”

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  1. brent was probably glad he was off the hot seat and someone was handling miko, she needs to go sit down somewhere. I know every show has to have one but, she bores me she’s so needy and petty, her and that stacy who needs validation. these are truly some messy chicks…

  2. Exactly I thought it was just me who saw that she really needs to have friends in her life who really don’t even like her! I found it odd that she would have a anniversary party with all of these people but yet you still find time to go into a separate room to call someone who really isn’t that close to you to ask them why they’re not coming and then want to argue about it. Girl the only person who need to worry about who likes you is ur husband and your children.

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