LHHH Recap: Lyrica Goes off on Moniece + Teairra Gets Tricked into an Intervention

Alexis, Zell and Lyrica catch up.

Lyrica and Alexis do some shopping for her album release party, and Alexis surprises Lyrica when she invites Zell to consult them.

In a green screen interview, Lyrica says she thought Zell and Masika were tight, so she didn’t expect Zell to end up cool with Alexis.

When Zell arrives, the ladies discuss their beefs with Moniece.

Lyrica says she doesn’t understand why her being cool with Alexis is such a problem for others like Moniece. She brings up the confrontation they had the other day, in which she exchanged some words with Moniece after Moniece told her she didn’t want to go to her album release party if Alexis was invited.

Alexis says that she and Moniece actually got into a physical altercation the other night without the cameras because Moniece pulled up on her while she was leaving a restaurant. Apparently Moniece didn’t like what Alexis said in a recent Instagram video regarding her parenting.

That’s when Zell tells her what he heard.

“I ain’t gonna lie. I heard that you got your a*s whooped.” – Zell

Alexis denies this and tells Zell he needs to pick a side. However, he tells her that he thinks he can be cool with everyone.

Alexis then says she also has beef with Misster Ray because he’s been coming at her on social media in defense of Masika.

Zell then brings up his issues with Misster Ray. He tells Alexis and Lyrica that Masika keeps inviting them to the same functions and it always ends bad. He feels like Masika should respect that he doesn’t want to be around Ray just like she wanted him to respect that she didn’t want to be around Alexis.

Moniece tells AD and Nia about how she ran up on Alexis.

Moniece, AD and Nia all catch up after taking a break from their workout.

In a green screen interview, AD says she feels like things have gone too far between Moniece and Alexis.

Moniece gives them the details on the altercation.

“Alexis called us out on Live or whatever, on Instagram. I told AD I feel I should just pull up and whoop her a*s just like one good time…I got there, she was on the curb, so I opened the door and you know I pulled her a*s out of the Uber, and it was what it was. And then some n*gga came out of nowhere, and I look up and I’m on the curb eye level to her wig and her wig cap.” – Moniece

Moniece says in a green screen interview that she had no beef with Alexis until she came for her family.

“My plan was to beat her a*s and that’s exactly what I did.” – Moniece

Misster Ray then joins them and tells Moniece that Alexis is tweeting that Moniece got beat up. Moniece denies this and says she wore a “struggle bun” and snatched off Alexis’ wig.

Misster Ray brings up Lyrica’s listening party and says he’s going to confront Alexis for saying she will slap him. They all agree to go.

Brooke pays Booby a visit.

When she gets to his new place, she notices there’s lipstick on a wine glass. He’s clearly enjoying having his own place.

In a green screen interview, Booby says that it’s weird that Brooke is trying to ask him about his dating life when she’s not even sure what she wants to do about Marcus.

In a green screen interview, Brooke admits that she’s starting to be physically attracted to Booby. But she wants to get under Marcus’ skin, so she asks Booby to be her plus one at Lyrica’s listening party. He accepts.

Teairra and Miss Nikki Baby reconnect.

Teairra tells Nikki about her rocky romance with Cisco. She tells Nikki about him having a side chick and says it was a stressful situation.

Nikki asks her about her drinking habits, and Teairra says her drinking has been kept under control. In a green screen interview, Nikki says she’s heard otherwise.

Nikki then tells her she heard Teairra got into it with Hazel recently.

Teairra tells her that back in the day, she and Hazel agreed that they would never get in a physical confrontation but Hazel threw a plate of food at her. She says Hazel told her she heard she had been talking about her behind her back, but Teairra denies this.

Nikki invites Teairra to her upcoming event for her new lipgloss line, but warns her that Hazel will be there. She wants Teairra to “play nice” so there won’t be any drama.

“I will try.” – Teairra

“Okay, that’s all I want.” – Nikki

Lyrica goes off on Moniece.

People are feeling Lyrica’s single, “Don’t Take It Personal,” and she tells her party guests it was written in honor of her twin who passed when they were three years old.

A1 is proud of her and says in a green screen interview that their marriage improved after he got serious about helping her with her album.

Brooke shows up with Booby and this confuses Lyrica and A1 who ask her about Marcus after Booby leaves to get them drinks.

“You didn’t walk in with the young king. You walked in with a prince.” – A1

On this note, Brooke refuses to talk about Marcus and tells them she’s going to go find Booby. In a green screen interview, Lyrica says Brooke can do whatever she wants, as long as it doesn’t ruin her party.

Hazel and Alexis greet Lyrica and Hazel tells her she doesn’t really care for Brooke because Brooke came at her over Booby.

Hazel says she had a booty call situation with Booby after they met at the airport. She also did some PR for Brooke and feels like she had an attitude problem.

Moniece, Nia and Misster Ray show up to the party. Lyrica doesn’t understand why Moniece showed up since she took back her invitation after Moniece told her she didn’t want to be around Alexis.

Alexis calls them “the help” and immediately things get messy.

Misster Ray tells Lyrica that Alexis said she would slap him and Alexis says she did because he keeps getting involved in something that has nothing to do with him – her beef with Masika.

Misster Ray claims to not know Alexis but she reminds him that he’s always commenting on her Instagram posts. He then admits he’s been coming for her over the video she made about Masika.

Alexis tells Ray he’s lucky she hasn’t slapped him and he dares her to. She then lunges over the table to slap him but gets blocked by security.

She tells them her only real beef is with Masika and she’s tried of Masika’s friends coming for her when Masika won’t even face her.

Nia says Masika doesn’t want to talk to Alexis and Alexis says Masika just doesn’t want to hear the truth, which is Alexis was with Fetty first and they were together for a long time. She says Masika then came in and slept with Fetty and got pregnant.

Moniece says that Fetty should have been the one to tell Masika he was with Alexis but he didn’t.

Hazel then gets mad and asks Moniece why she keeps defending Masika. Moniece says she isn’t and she’s just asking questions.

Lyrica goes off and confronts Moniece for their previous confrontation.

“I’m not even that b*tch. I’m nice to everyone. Unless you f*ck with me. I didn’t do sh*t to you, you, you or Masika. I can be friends with who the f*ck I want to be friends with. She ain’t done sh*t to me. You start telling me you’re gonna beat my a*s, and you wanted to fight me. Now what?” – Lyrica

“Are you gonna let me answer?” – Moniece

“I don’t even like looking at your motherf*kcing a*s. Now what?” – Lyrica

Moniece then walks out of the party with Nia and Ray.

Ray J and Princess have a session with a shaman and the shaman claims Ray J has apprehension about becoming a father. Princess agrees but Ray says he actually does want to have children.

Hazel and Teairra clash at Nikki’s lip gloss line event.

Teairra arrives first and hugs Nikki and and her mother. Hazel then strolls in and Teairra says in a green screen interview that she will try to keep her cool out of respect for Nikki and her mother.

Nikki urges Hazel to talk to Teairra so they can talk out their issues.

When Teairra brings up the fact that Hazel threw a plate at her, Hazel tells her she deserved it for what she’s done.

Teairra then tries to run up on Hazel and both get restrained by security.

Teairra tries to run up on Hazel again, and Nikki gets fed up and tells her that her drinking is out of control.

Nikki’s mother tells Teairra that she has to change and Teairra breaks down in tears.

In a green screen interview, Hazel says Teairra’s drinking problem has soured their friendship because Teairra does hurtful things she doesn’t remember doing the next day.

She expresses this sentiment to Nikki and her mother after Teairra leaves.

Hazel says she won’t deal with Teairra again until she gets help.

Nikki talks to Moniece about Teairra.

While Moniece is having vocal lessons with her cousin who happens to be a vocal coach, Nikki walks in to talk about what happened with Teairra the other night.

She tells Moniece they need to help her before it’s too late.

Moniece says she’s been trying to help but Cisco got in the way.

Nikki says they should try again now that Cisco is out of the picture. Moniece agrees.

Ray J surprises Princess by babysitting his business partner’s baby to show Princess that he’s ready for fatherhood. This impresses Princess, as she sees that Ray J appears to be enjoying looking after the baby.

He tells her he went back to the doctor and now has a sperm count of 48 million. They agree to try again for a baby.

Teairra gets tricked into an intervention.

Teairra meets with AD and tells her that she’s not really in a good place in her life, and things didn’t work out with Cisco because he was cheating.

She also tells AD she’s not feeling Moniece because she kept trying to interfere with things with Cisco. Teairra says she’s done with Moniece for good but AD convinces her to show up to a “surprise birthday party” for Moniece.

When Teairra gets there, she its greeted by AD and notices that it’s very quiet for a party. A woman then approaches Teairra and tells her she’s there to help Teairra because her friends believe she has a drinking a problem. Teairra is speechless when it becomes clear that she just walked into an intervention.


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  1. I think Moniece needs to leave Lyrica alone because Lyrica is not afraid of her. I know that bothers Moniece but it is what it is. Eventually she was gong to run into someone who can see through the facade she’s had since she pulled that girl’s hair in season one. LOL.

  2. Yaaassssss Lyrica ! Put her ALL THE WAY in her place ! Alexis’ comebacks are kinda corny . I wonder who really won the brawl between Alexis and Moniece ?!

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