Masika Kalysha Shades Alexis Skyy Amid Reports Claiming She’s Pregnant by Fetty Wap

If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” then you already know that Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy’s ongoing feud has caused lots of drama.

It’s basically caused people to feel the need to pick sides, and Masika is so heated about Alexis being on the show that she refuses to film with her.

Alexis claims she just wants to be able to confront Masika for reportedly getting knocked up by Fetty while he was in a relationship with her, but Masika claims she was Fetty’s girlfriend and Alexis was the side chick.

Interestingly enough, in an interview, Fetty claimed Masika was a one night stand that resulted in their daughter.

Interestingly enough, it’s now being reported that Alexis is currently pregnant by Fetty:

Masika has been throwing a lot of shade on social media since the report went viral and now she’s liking some shady comments on Instagram too:


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  1. I will never understand why Masika has such an elitist attitude. Fetty came out his own mouth and said she was a one night stand that was supposed to take a plan B pill but didn’t. She needs to simmer down.

  2. Masika projects a lot from what I’ve noticed. Everything her fans are saying about Alexis can be said about Masika. She isn’t any better. Hopefully one day both of these women realize how foolish they were and Fetty wasn’t worth it.

  3. I think it’s sad that both of them place so much value on being the baby mama to a rapper with a boatload of kids. But whatever.

  4. This one of the dumbest argurements ever. Dude has had both of you and moved on why are they still tripping. Alexis, how do you know Masika was the only one he messed with while you were with him, probably not. Dump him and move on not have his baby, that’s what made you special that you didn’t have one. don’t be no fool. Masika, this dude let you go thru your pregnancy alone, are you kidding me, he said, you were a one night stand. That’s what you should have been saying about him, stupid the way you let him drag you and you still think cause he throw you some crumbs he cares… News Flash# He don’t, dumb a$$. Wake up you look stupid and sound like a fool.

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