Survivor’s Remorse Recap: Cam’s Gala is Rocky But Still Delivers

The Calloways prepare for the gala.

Cassie, M Chuck, Chen and Squeeze are getting the statutes in the yard in place for the upcoming gala for their foundation.

M Chuck complains about still not getting the pool she was promised, and Chen has to leave to go layoff 5,000 of his workers, which he blames on automation.

After Chen leaves, M Chuck asks Cassie why one of the statues has to be the Virgin Mary, which she refers to as an “old Jewish woman.”

Cassie credits M Chuck’s interest in locating her father for her having a relationship with God again.

“You are responsible for me revisiting my Catholic roots, as modest as they were, so thank you for that.” – Cassie

“Of course, Ma.” – M Chuck

Cassie then tells her that she thinks M Chuck’s birth was a gift from God but M Chuck says she still wishes her conception was from Cassie’s consent.

Cassie tells M Chuck she’s not okay with how things went down, and she’s not so sure it was God’s will for her to be raped.

“I mean God can’t stop the bad things from happening to us. You know, that’s not how He worked it out. Sometimes, baby, you just gotta be strong.” – Cassie

“You’re stronger than strong.” – M Chuck

They hug and express excitement about trying on the gowns Missy picked out for them to wear at the gala.

Reggie gives Missy a warning.

Missy and Reggie are in the house as Missy is getting things in order for the gala.

Reggie tells her to use bullet points when working with Cam and she shows him the index cards she prepared.

Although Reggie feels like she’s prepared, Missy admits she’s very stressed out. But Reggie tells her she’s only stressed out because she has high standards.

Reggie offers to help but Missy tells him she wants to do everything on her own.

He shows Missy paperwork for an investment in a vintage wallpaper shop in Memphis.

He tells her the investment is for a parking attendant, JaMichael. Apparently Cam promised he wouldn’t blow off JaMichael, so he’s pretty much left the situation in Reggie’s lap. However, Reggie thinks it’s a horrible investment.

Reggie says he has an office full of documents of bad business ideas from people Cam has promised to do favors for.

He warns her that Cam will agree to do something in 48 hours that will cause problems for her and the gala.

He assures her that when that happens, she needs to remember that it is not a reflection on how well she prepared for the event.

Reggie stresses that her reaction to it is the most important.

While working out, Cam tries out Chen’s new virtual reality headgear. He will be using it to put on a presentation at the gala. Since he’s so impressed by it, he asks if he can invest in the goggles.

Chen tells Cam he already invested in the goggles and asks if there’s any tweaks that need to be made to the presentation video.

Cam suggests they find something more impactful regarding disease so people will feel uneasy and moved to donate.

He says the video must make people feel and gut punch them with the message.

Cam also lets Chen know that he approves of his romance with Cassie because he allows her to be herself.

“I appreciate you man.” – Cam

“Back at you. She makes me happy.” – Chen

They agree to work on the edits after his game.

Missy walks in and Cam praises her work ethic.

She puts on the goggles to watch the presentation but Cam tells her to let him handle the presentation so she can work on other things.

He tells Missy to make sure Allison, Cassie and M Chuck look their best at the gala. She assures him that she’s already handled it.

Cam approves of the DJ Missy booked and the live auctioneer.

She shows him an app she had created for the gala and attendees will be asked to download the, “Cam Calloway Get Woke” app once they arrive. It will keep them in the loop about how much money was raised.

This really impresses Cam.

He gets ready to leave for his game and tells her that he wants some guys who own a doughnut shop to be invited to the gala because he thinks it will be a good business opportunity. He also thinks it will be a good idea to have a doughnut station at the gala.

Cam’s presentation leaves quite the impression.

At the gala, Missy introduces Cam to wealthy power players. One in particular doesn’t seemed move when Cam talks about helping making prisons more humane.

“Can I count on you to stand with me and make a sizable contribution?” – Cam

“What the f*ck do you think I’m doing here? I got the app. I’ll do it in a second.” – Mike

He pulls out his phone and makes the donation.

Cassie, Allison, Chen and Reggie meet the auctioneer, Nate, at the doughnut display.

He tells them that he’s a pro at auctioning for charities because he knows who has deep pockets. He tells them he’s diabetic but since life is short, he won’t be turning down the opportunity to eat doughnuts. He takes a couple of doughnuts and walks away.

“Ooh, I’m sick to death of white people.” – Cassie

Reggie and Chen take a seat and smoke cigars.

Reggie asks how Chen doesn’t have any homes in Atlanta and Chen tells him he actually has two homes, but prefers to be at the house with Cassie’s family.

A man named Robby walks up on them and warns Reggie to never invest in a beachfront hotel in Florida with Chen.

“Robby, water under the bridge.” – Chen

“F*ck you, Chen.” – Robby

“Whoa.” – Reggie

“Say hi to the wife.” – Chen

Cam is still making his rounds at the gala and talking to people about the causes he is passionate about.

The auctioneer, Nate, gets sick after eating doughnuts and Missy gets word of him needing to lie down upstairs. She called a paramedic and Cassie tells her that he ate six doughnuts.

When Allison says Cam won’t be happy to hear about the auctioneer, Missy tells them that Cam doesn’t need to know. Allison tells her that Cam thought the doughnuts were low sugar.

Missy asks Allison to do the auction since Nate won’t be able to, and she tells her that she’s just there to look pretty.

She asks Cassie, but Cassie tells her she’s had too many drinks to do the auction.

M Chuck walks in and reluctantly agrees to do the auction.

M Chuck gets on the stage to introduce herself and Cam makes it clear to Missy and Allison that he’s nervous about how things will turn out.

Despite this, Missy says she believes M Chuck will do a great job.

A pit bull puppy that was bred by rapper Pitbull is the first thing to be auctioned.

“We all know he’s Cuban so this is probably the last immigrant that’s gonna come to this county for a long time. So we want to make sure he feels at home, alright?” – M Chuck

The audience laughs.

She continues to make the audience laugh with her jokes and makes Cam feel conformable about her being the auctioneer.

The dog gets sold for $10,000 and some uncomfortable jokes about Mike Vick and bestiality are made by M Chuck.

Cam later gets on the stage to introduce the presentation, which requires all of the attendees to put on Chen’s virtual reality headsets. He tells them the experience will allow them to be in the shoes of the less fortunate for five minutes.

He whispers to Missy that he can’t wait for her to see the final tweaks he made.

The presentation consists of hearing the screeches of a baby with frozen nostrils crying and the violence that takes place in prisons. It gets a little too real as people start dipping and dogging the violence and even gunshots.

When they experience what it’s like to have to eat anything to survive like maggots, many of the attendees start puking.

Upon seeing this, Missy gets angry and pulls Cam to the side to call him out.

“What were you thinking?!” – Missy

“I wanted to hit them in the guts.” – Cam

“Well, you completely overdid it with the video.” – Missy

Cam then asks Missy how she was able to “f*ck this up.”

“I’m a professional athlete. The product of American culture of idolatry, which means I am no longer capable of sound judgment. When I’m right, I’m right. When I’m wrong, I’m right, and my people are wrong for foolishly trusting me to do something on my own without a normal person there to tell me what should be done.” – Cam

“How am I supposed to know that?” – Missy

“Reggie should have told you.” – Cam

Reggie then walks in on their conversation and Missy tells Cam that, “he talked for hours and never said that sh*t!”

He tells them he would have said it but she rushed him before he could.

Reggie then runs off to puke.

Cam tells her that he thought that if he went too far she would have stopped him.

She tells him to stop yelling at her and Chen walks up and tells them the gala is great.

“Look around! Everyone’s donating. They’re emptying both their stomachs and their wallets. All’s well that ends well.” – Chen

Cam then tells Missy she did a great job and walks away thrilled.

When Reggie comes back from puking, Missy tells him she has new respect for what he has to go through. He then vomits again.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I feel the same way. Its always the last show on my dvr that I watch which makes me catch the new episodes the next day. Its been dry ever since Mike Epps left and I dont even like him, but he bought something to the show that lil bit of spice.

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