Moniece Slaughter and Hazel-E Get into Confrontation at LHHH Reunion?

The reunion for the fourth season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” was filmed today.

It’s still early, so all the drama from the night hasn’t made it to the blogs yet but Hazel-E, Rose Burgundy and Moniece Slaughter didn’t mind spilling some tea.

Rose Burgundy confirmed that he was not allowed inside of the reunion but he decided he would post up outside of the building anyway to try to confront people he has issues with, including Zell Swag:

Hazel hopped on Instagram and claimed she ran up on Moniece during taping and “slid” her:

And Moniece claimed that while Hazel did run up on her, she swung, missed and then ran:

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  1. Hazel is such a clown. I believe Moniece. Especially after Hazel flinched when Brooke jumped at her. She is not about that life.

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