‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Walt Calls out Kevin Hart + Men Who Flaunt Relationships on Social Media

Kevin Hart has been making headlines consistently since it was confirmed that he stepped out on his current wife Eniko.

Eniko is also pregnant, and it’s been reported in the media that Kevin is being extorted for the entire ordeal.

The woman Kevin cheated with denies that she is the one extorting the comedian, and her attorney claimed that they were unknowingly being recorded in their hotel room.

As people continue to take to social media to give their opinions on the situation, “Black Ink Crew” star Walt shared some interesting views on Twitter recently (read tweets from bottom to top):

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  1. Walt came with the facts. He’s in the minority though because most black men I’ve been seeing online have the capes on for Kevin. Yet they have been dragging Torrei something serious.

  2. Honestly I think the happiest couples aren’t sharing that much on social media. Social media is mainly for people who need validation all the time.

  3. Nowadays people believe if they don’t see it on the Gram, then it ain’t real and it didn’t happen. So now everyone does the most and it’s annoying.

  4. He told absolutely no lies and this is something I’ve definitely said time and time again. The couples that share the most also have the most to hide. Overcompensation is very telling.

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