Azealia Banks Apologizes to Nicki Minaj + Cardi B Wants Respect

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day, many took to social media to express excitement about the fact that Cardi B’s single “Bodak Yellow” is officially the most popular song in the country.

However, Azealia Banks took to Twitter to vent about her disappointment and she even claimed that Nicki Minaj has not received the same amount of support by black men when she began to rise to fame.

Azealia thinks Cardi’s success is due to the fact that she is Latina, and she even called Cardi a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj.”

Cardi clapped back by posting a video of Azealia getting her life to “Bodak Yellow” in a club and Azealia responded by accusing Cardi of not writing her own rap lyrics as well as sleeping her way to the top.

Now Azealia has more to say and has even made peace with Nicki.

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  1. Oh Lawd. People are doing way too much. Cardi has one number one single and hasn’t put an album out yet. So hating on her seems premature to me. Like how is one hot song having so many people shooketh?

  2. So she doesn’t want to see that “little black girl cry” inside but just referred to black men and dingy ***** in hip hop? Yeah, she’ll be back on her bullsh-t in a few, stay tuned….

  3. Azealia has a lot of issues. It’s like she drags people because she really just wants their attention and validation. Very sad.

  4. Cardi B !! Lil Sis do u and keep doing you !! People need to stop comparing rappers to one another. Each rapper has there own craft and styles. And allow that style to grow and flow!! Just like there will never be another Whitney, Luther, Micheal , or Prince !! Step your game up and stop putting so much energy into hating another women. AB I’m pretty sure somewhere down the line you have flatbacked it before. #greenisnotyourcolor

  5. Axealia banks is soooo unintelligent and she shows it every time she opens her mouth. The people listening to Cardi b’s song is what made her song #1! You’re just upset because she accomplished what you couldn’t. Don’t be mad!!! She worked hard for everything she’s accomplished!
    People just LOVE to hate!

  6. The Latina privelege argument is stupid hater talk. As a latina, I can speak to the fact that it’s a struggle. We are plenty discriminated against ..the darker your skin color, the greater the struggle and it’s rare for a latin artist to make it big as a rapper in English. There are many rappers who are popular in Spanish, but virtu all unknown to caucasians.

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