‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Tina Isn’t Interested in Recording Another Mary Mary Album

Tina works on her upcoming single with Warryn.

Warryn is in the studio with Tina Campbell, working on her solo album. She is hopeful the song she is working on has a stronger reach. The song she sang was inspired by the issues she had with her husband.

Warryn wants to reunite Erica and Tina for another Mary Mary album. She is also planning a tour and she wants her husband Teddy to go. Since he cheated on her, she’s not comfortable with the idea of leaving him behind to tour. However, Teddy’s obligations are going to get in the way of this goal and he makes it clear that Tina is going to have to learn to trust him again.

Erica keeps getting asked if Mary Mary will get back together.

Erica is working on her radio show, “Get Up Mornings With Erica.” She flies from LA to Dallas frequently to do the morning show. She tells her listeners she is releasing a single of her own soon. She is asked if Mary Mary will record another album, and shies away from the question.

“We’re not on the same page here. Clearly.” – Erica

Tina and Teddy clash as they talk about past infidelity. 

Teddy and Tina are recording a clip for their “10 Minutes” video series. The current clip is about forgiveness, and Tina recounts how she dealt with Teddy’s infidelity, which included trying to “kill him.”

After they record the clip, they begin to argue about how to take the clip. Teddy feels she is acting selfishly with the clip. This result to them arguing off camera.

Tina visits her mom and is looking for advice. Her mom tells Tina that she should reunite with Erica, despite Tina’s feelings about it. Their mom feels that Tina is working too hard as well with her solo projects.

“Don’t kill yourself baby. I don’t want your health getting bad.” – Tina’s Mom

Erica receives positive feedback about her single.

Meanwhile, Erica and Warryn are at a meeting with Sony execs to play her newest single “Well Done.” They play it for the execs and they seem to be responding positively to the song. Erica is concerned about the competition surrounding the single release. Warryn mentions he wishes Erica was just as passionate about Mary Mary as she is about this single.

Warryn tries to get Erica and Tina inspired to record another Mary Mary album.

Later on, Warryn blindfolds Erica and Tina as he takes them to his surprise. Eventually, Warryn gets Mary Mary to the original studio at Warryn parent’s house. They haven’t recorded anything in this studio in over 14 years. Warryn hopes coming back inspires them to record together again.

Warryn plays part of a song they partially recorded, and Tina isn’t interested in finishing it. In her eyes, she is no longer in that space. Erica can sense that Tina isn’t in the mood for Mary Mary, and this frustrates Warryn. Erica thinks everyone would be happy if they eventually recorded a song together.

Erica and Tina are spending time together, going camping. Erica hopes this trip will result in the sisters bonding again, and possibly recording another Mary Mary album. However, Tina is expressing that she is consumed with her many other business opportunities. When they get to the camp site, Tina is nervous.

Erica is setting up the tent, and Tina is complaining about being in the woods. Eventually, they end up having a good time in the tent. However, it’s short lived as they have to deal with mosquitoes.

Mary Mary is invited to perform in Israel.

Warryn is out looking for prospective studios. He had to sell his old studio because he is running low on money. He gets a call about Mary Mary being invited to Israel by the country’s tourism minister. He thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get Erica and Tina back into the studio.

He plots a plan to get them to meet professionally and spill the beans about the trip.

Warryn gets them to the meeting with the Mary Mary team. Their team also has the Israel minister of tourism there and she tells them about the invitation to perform in Israel. Warryn hopes he can persuade them to record a new Mary Mary song. However, Tina can see Warryn’s scheme and she’s not feeling it.

Erica accepts the invitation, and Tina says she needs time to think about it. Warryn mentions that, “there is money on the line.”

On Mother’s Day Erica is hosting an event for her mom at her house. Their younger sister Goo Goo is there and she brings up how stressed Tina got when she learned about Teddy’s infidelity.

“She heard voices, and I’ma be honest. Those were demons.” – Goo Goo

Erica is holding a secret and she can’t wait to tell her mom. When they get everyone in their back yard, they share the secret that they are taking their entire family to Israel. They also tell everyone that they will be performing a concert. Everyone cheers to the news.

Tina says she agreed to go because she is following God’s orders. Erica also wants to go to Israel because she wants to see the tree that was planted in their father’s honor by a friend.

Goo Goo pulls Erica to the side and they talk about how Tina will react to seeing this tree. Tina reveals that she and their father never had the best relationship. She felt like their father had favorites and she wasn’t one of them.

Erica and Tina clash when they learn their singles will be released on the same day.

Warryn tells Erica and Tina that he hopes that they get inspired to make another album together. Things get tense when Erica and Tina find out their singles are being released the same day. Goo Goo brings up how her sisters do compete with one another all the time and that Erica and Tina, along with their husbands, have their own agendas.

“So this is like Mary against Mary.” – Goo Goo


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  1. Tina really annoys me. I’m tired of hearing about how Teddy cheated on her. She took him back so why keep complaining about it?

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