Survivor’s Remorse Recap: Reggie Confronts Chen + Cam & Allison Move to the Next Level

Cam and Allison go on a weekend trip.

On the way to their destination, Allison tells Cam that she thinks he will love the spot she picked out. Cam admits he’s glad to get some time away from his family, but he’s really enjoying Allison’s company .

“I really like Road Trip Allison.” – Cam

Chen takes M Chuck to an Afrocentric Museum.

After they exit the car, M Chuck tells him she’s really happy he was able to get an advance tour because it’s the largest museum in Atlanta.

Before they walk into the museum, M Chuck makes note of the name:

The Leonard Moscowitz Museum of African-American Life.

Chen explains to her that Leonard is the reason the museum even exists.

“He was the principal benefactor.” – Chen

“The Leonard Moscowitz Museum of African-American Life?” – M Chuck

“He got us the advance tour.” – Chen

M Chuck asks if Leonard is black, and Chen says it’s a small chance he’s black because he’s a Jewish man. This angers M Chuck.

“Every time we plant a flag, it’s gotta be under the white man’s banner. We gotta have permission. We gotta have a supervisor.” – M Chuck

M Chuck tells Chen that it’s really offensive for Leonard to plaster his name on the museum. She asks him to get her a meeting with Leonard so she can give him a piece of her mind.

“I ain’t setting foot in that place without it. Can’t.” – M Chuck

She storms back to the car.

Reggie has another poker game with Jimmy and his associates, gets excluded out of a deal.

They jokingly get on him about the room they are playing in, considering there are cartoon characters painted on the wall and the renovations just started. Reggie blames the wall decorations on the previous owners of his house.

They all laugh.

Before they start their game of poker, they toast to Chen getting them involved in his latest relationship estate flip. Reggie wasn’t a part of the deal and looks disappointed about being left out.

Cam and Allison check into their room.

When they get to the front desk, the man working there tells them they were booked with fake names and Allison says it was to preserve their privacy.

Before they can head upstairs to check out the room, the man at the desk goes into a long rant about how he got a scholarship to attend Florida State for Hotel Management but had some troubles with his ACTs.

Cam and Allison get uncomfortable and he hands over the keys before warning them to use the handrails since a woman recent fell down the stairs and hurt herself.

“Let’s get the f*ck out of this lobby.” – Cam

Reggie confronts Chen.

At the end of the poker game, one of the players runs down everyone’s losses and wins, and Reggie lost $22,000.

While everyone begins to make their exit, Reggie has Chen stay behind to confront him on being left out the flip.

Chen says it was a great deal and they all got triple the value. Reggie then asks why he wasn’t included, to which Chen says, “I never thought about it.”

Chen explains the Reggie doesn’t have expertise in commercial real estate nor does he have quick access to capital.

“I got money, Chen.” – Reggie

“No, what you have is a healthy bank account. The guys in the deal, they have money.” – Chen

“Which is why I needed to be in on it.” – Reggie

Chen says the first step for Reggie is to actually bring something to the table.

Reggie gets annoyed and points out to Chen that it’s messed up how he sits back and watches him lose money every week in poker games just to get in his circle.

He reminds Chen that he’s sleeping with and dating his aunt.

Chen reveals that he is always hesitant to invest the money of his friends.

“The risk of the friendship is too great.” – Chen

“But you do it with those guys.” – Reggie

“Because I don’t give a f*ck about these guys. Those are friends of convenience, but you are like family. In fraternal sense, Reggie, I love you. I love you.” – Chen

“Okay, just take it easy.” – Reggie

Reggie tells Chen he’s a big boy and can handle the risks but Chen stands firm in his beliefs and leaves.

Cam and Allison are enjoying their hotel room and already making use of their bed.

After they climax, Allison tells Cam she never heard him scream like that before.

He tells her that’s the first time she’s ever bitten him.

“Hotels always bring the freak out of me.” – Allison

“When we get home, we’re moving to a hotel.” – Cam

They decide to order room service so they can have another passionate session.

M Chuck has a meeting with Leonard Moscowitz.

When she arrives to the museum with Chen, Leonard immediately tells her he’s a huge fan of Cam.

After she thanks him for bringing the museum to Atlanta, she then asks him why he put his name on the front of the building.

He tells her he wanted people to see his name.

She explains that it’s offensive to black people for him to put his name on the front of the building.

“My name is offensive?” – Leonard

“In this context, yes.” – M Chuck

Leonard tells her it sounds like she’s saying it’s okay for him to give money but he shouldn’t be acknowledged.

M Chuck says he should be acknowledged with a plaque, not his name on the front of the building.

He tells her he donated $26.4 million to the museum and fought with the city council to make it a reality.

She tells him that doesn’t change the principle and asks how he would feel if the Holocaust Museum read, “Brought to you by Tyler Perry?”

“I’d feel like I went into the wrong business.” – Leonard

However, he says he did what he did because he wanted to make a statement – that oppressed groups should stand together.

“How are you an oppressed group? Somebody tell this guy he’s white.” – M Chuck

“You’re white, Leonard.” – Chen

“Yeah, I may be white, but I am also Jewish.” – Leonard

He tells her that his people have a very long history of oppression by other “whiter whites.”

M Chuck says that struggle for the Jewish is over but he tells her that death threats and “desecrated cemeteries” say otherwise.

“No cops are shooting your children. Nobody’s throwing your men in jail.” – M Chuck

“Our people were once slaves too.” – Leonard

“In what fashion?”- M Chuck

“To the Egyptians, who were by the way Africans, so in a sense, we used to work for you. “ – Leonard

“And in a sense, you make no sense.” – M Chuck

Leonard tells M Chuck she’s being rude and he doesn’t understand how that’s fair.

He tells her that black people aren’t being oppressed by him, and she’s doing much better than most of his people since the country did have a black president.

He says black people run the entertainment industry and his grandchildren dress like black people and love Hip Hop.

She apologizes for what his people had to go through but tells him that the museum is for black people and he needs to give it away graciously.

“And if you’re going to receive it, receive it graciously.” – Leonard

This angers M Chuck and Chen tries to cool things down by suggesting they go out to eat. But M Chuck tells Leonard he needs to remove his name from the building. At this point, Leonard tells her to have a nice day.

He walks away.

Cam and Allison finally get their food brought into their room, and question why the delivery man, Duane, looks like he’s wearing a costume, including what looks to be an afro wig.

He tells them he always dresses that way and is excited when they give him a $20 tip. He asks what Cam does for a living and tells Allison to make sure she doesn’t lose him.

He daps Cam up before leaving.

When they call the desk to get someone to bring up some hot sauce, the desk guy, Jared, tells them he doesn’t know a Duane and the only Duane that used to work there died in 1978.

“What?!” – Cam

Reggie gets a package.

He opens it up and it is revealed that he just received a prospectus of Chen’s Venture Capital program for purchasing disused public schools.

Reggie is elated and Chen comes down the stairs and is thrilled Reggie got the package.

Reggie apologizes for cursing Chen out and Chen tells him he will need the wire by the 23rd.

“Copy that.” – Reggie

Chen also reminds Reggie that past performance does not guarantee future success and to be careful.

“I live my life without guarantees.” – Reggie

Chen looks uneasy.

Jared gives Cam and Allison the scoop on Duane. He tells them Duane fell off a roof 39 years ago in the spring while cleaning out the gutters.

Jared says Duane is harmless and just looking to connect with the guests because he got his heart broken before he passed away.

M Chuck recaps her clash with Leonard in therapy.

Chen accompanies M Chuck to therapy so she can discuss what happened with Leonard. He confirms it was one of the most uncomfortable moments of his life.

M Chuck’s therapist tells her that she was wrong to get angry with Leonard and she needs to have more empathy and try to understand Leonard’s position.

Leonard recaps with his wife, the radio personality M Chuck assaulted.

While getting ready for bed, Leonard tells his wife, Savannah, that M Chuck went off on him about the museum. She tells him that M Chuck ripped her headset off her head when she asked her about her felony for assaulting Cam during a radio interview.

He asks her if he was wrong for putting his name on the museum and she tells him what he did was wrong and offensive.

Allison and Cam go looking for Duane, and both admit that despite the creepiness, they have had a very entertaining stay. They have another passionate moment.

Reggie gets Missy’s approval, Cam finds out the truth.

Missy is reading Chen’s prospectus and believes Chen has a good strategy.

“I think Chen is a billionaire for a reason.” – Missy

Missy tells Reggie she’s really confident in the deal and will take some money out from her trust. Reggie tells her she doesn’t need to but she wants half of her own money involved.

“Don’t worry. Half of our money is your money.” – Missy

After Cam and Allison wake up, Cam runs into Duane in the bathroom.

“Your lady is flexible.” – Duane

He screams and drags Allison out of the room, who is also screaming.

When they get to the desk to complain, Duane comes down the stairs and removes his mustache. Allison starts laughing and says he’s her cousin Owen.

Owen introduces himself and confirms to Cam that he isn’t dead.

He tells Cam he works in retail and does acting on the side.

Jared explains that Allison called them to do a favor to help Cam cut down stress and the plan seems to have worked.

Cam is impressed and he and Allison share a kiss.

Leonard and M Chuck hash it out, Cam wants to move to the next level with Allison .

Leonard explains to M Chuck that his aunt and parents marched in Selma and that’s why he built the museum and put his name on it because he wanted people to know that oppressed people can stand together.

M Chuck appreciates him as they watch his name being knocked off the building. He offers to give her a full tour and she gladly accepts.

Before leaving the hotel, Cam suggests to Allison that they look at engagement rings.


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