Porsha Williams Responds to Rumors of Near Altercation with Marlo Hampton

First, it’s been reported that Kenya Moore may be at her wit’s end with members of the cast, and production. So much so, that Kenya refused to go on the trip to Spain.

It’s rumored that Kenya Moore quit RHOA, despite Kenya refuting this.

Now, blogger B. Scott is reporting that Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams had an altercation on the trip, which resulted in Porsha being sent home early.

B. Scott writes:

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton got into a MASSIVE blowout during the cast trip to Barcelona and Porsha got sent home early.

According to our source, Porsha and Marlo got into an argument and things escalated quickly when Porsha pointed an object in Marlo’s face.

Marlo then snatched the object from Porsha, which prompted her to LUNGE in Marlo’s direction.

Porsha didn’t touch Marlo, but security did break them up and Porsha had to be restrained before being escorted from the venue.

The ladies aren’t set to leave Barcelona until tomorrow, but Porsha was put on a flight yesterday.

It wouldn’t be a RHOA season without Porsha trying to fight someone.

Interestingly enough, Porsha posted the rolling to her Instagram account, which seems to support this rumor. However, she seemingly indicates she left the trip early by choice.

Check it out below.

#blessedandhighlyfavored ❤️#peaceofmind #MyChoice #lovingthenewme?

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  1. Porsha should have ignored Marlo. Marlo is basically a non-paid gnat none of them should even respond to. I don’t understand why NeNe is even friends with her again.

  2. I’m glad she tried to jump on Marlo. Marlo is annoying and basically stirs the pot for free. She still doesn’t get paid to be on the show but that doesn’t stop her from showing her whole a-s. Well Porsha is the right one. She won’t run away like NeNe did.

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