Is Kenya Moore Being Phased out of RHOA?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans were wondering if rumors of Kenya Moore walking away from the reality show contained any truth, and Kenya took to Instagram to dismiss the reports.

Now a new report claims producers are actually planning to phase her out.

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  1. Kenya IS the show. If she leaves, so will a lot of viewers including myself. They need to get over the fact that her husband doesn’t want to be on the show. She wouldn’t be the first housewife whose husband wasn’t on the show so what’s the real issue?

    1. Kenya is one of the most disliked women on the show. She will not be missed
      , and she will be easily replaced. Glad to see Nene back. Now she has always been the show.

  2. I’m trying to understand how Kenya and all her fake storylines makes the show. She’s not needed…at all. LOL.

  3. I’m not a fan of Kenya but she’s not the first person who has a husband who doesn’t film and chooses not to. I still don’t think she’s really married but producers are starting to do wayyyy too much.

  4. Sh-t the way they kicked Phaedra off, this sh-t here is believable. Phaedra was Andy’s fave and no one really thought she’d ever get fired. These producers really don’t give a f-ck. They think everyone is replaceable.

  5. everybody can be replaced. Kenya wasn’t always on the show and people took to her as they will with anyone new they bring on. I agree, I don’t know how anyone thinks she’s the show. Aside from Matt tearing up her stuff together they were boring, she was fake thru out that with her he’s a good man..How he’s tearing your sh*t up, it was not a good look her being thirsty & making excuses for him, my respect for her zeroed out, let her go.

  6. The reason why they’re making a big deal about Kenya not having her husband on the show is because she has nothing else going on in her life so if there’s nothing to talk about what’s the use of having her on the show. her husband is the only storyline she would have, since she’s been on the show it’s always been a man that’s been her storyline.

  7. She needs to just go, for the sake of her marriage. If her husband does not want to film, she should respect that. I don’t blame him, they will probably try to attack him. Look how they do all the other husbands, lol.

  8. If that’s what the producers want, and Kenya is not willing to give it, she should leave. Kenya is not the show and never was.

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