Tiny Harris Explains Why She and TI Are Working on Their Marriage

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris and TI were close to moving forward with dissolving their marriage, but the longtime couple has since decided to give their marriage another shot.

In a recent interview, Tiny explained why.

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  1. Of course they love each other, that’s a given. But I also think a lot of it is comfort and ease. It’s much easier to go back to what you know even if it constantly hurts you, rather than go out and have to start over with someone new. But Tiny has no backbone so there’s also that.

  2. Didnt he make a comment like being married was a distraction or something to that nature? So now he had a change of heart?

  3. If its meant to be then its meant to be. Not a damn, person, place or thing can stop it. Love is Love and no one knows whats good for another person except that person..

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