Khia Slams Gabrielle Union’s Fertility Issues

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: A.J. Niles

Khia isn’t one to hold back from saying controversial things.

However, things she’s said about Gabrielle Union’s struggles in getting pregnant may cause some controversy.

Apparently, Khia feels that Gabrielle brought these struggles upon herself.

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  1. I don’t even like Gabby like that but how does Khia know why Gabby is struggling to get pregnant? There’s all kind of reasons women struggle to conceive. She sounds ignorant.

  2. The comments that this young women make about another women’s health issues and struggles is deplorable !! Sisters please stop cutting on another and embrace and respect one another. Children are a blessing from the Heavenly Father. And no matter what however method of motherhood. Ms Wade is blessed with support her don’t spill her personal tea like that and thank God it’s not you with fertility issues.

  3. Now…I cannot STAND Gabby however I will never down, clown or make fun of someone’s infertility issues. Whether they were abortions or a result from the rape (which I believe she stated it was) this is nothing to joke about.

    I can’t have anymore kids and it hurts like F-CKING HELL. Khia you are the reason your career is exactly the way it is, dust.

  4. I love Gabrielle Union- Wade she is a beautiful intelligent black female w and has finally wed the man of her dreams. This thing Khia and I said “THING” because she definitely don’t have any knowledge of being a woman. Khia don’t let someones come up make you so bitter if GOD wants Gabby & Dwayne to multiply then they will unless your in an abortion room with a person then you know what’s going on I don’t believe Gabby would even hang around a potty mouth person like you so close your mouth and pretend your a lady for once!!

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