Comedian Luenell Kicks NeNe Leakes While She’s Down

It’s been a rough several days for “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes.

She became a target of backlash after video of her telling a heckler she hoped they got raped by their Uber driver went viral.

Apparently NeNe uttered the controversial words during a recent standup show.

As a result of the backlash, Xscape booted her from being the MC for their tour.

NeNe was upset with the dismissal, and RHOA fans are speculating that her truce with Kandi Burruss may be no more.

Comedian Luenell is apparently elated by the developments.

As you may recall, Luenell has been vocal about her disgust with NeNe having a comedy tour.

And NeNe wasted no time in clapping back on social media.

So it’s no surprise that Luenell posted the following to Instagram:

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  1. Yeah the thing about karma is we’re not supposed to rejoice when it comes. Or we set ourselves up for it to swing our way too.

  2. She needs to shut her bitter a-s up. NeNe may be losing right now but hating NeNe has made Luenell more relevant than she ever was. She needs to focus on her own sh-t because she’s never made me chuckle, only cringe.

  3. Nene is in the losing circle right now but this to shall pass,I don’t wish you nothing but luck joy and happiness,but if you humbled yourself a bit would be a good thing.Nene said a terrible thing out of embrassement hurt and shame of not being funny to her audience. She spoke in haste (her feeling were all in the way)but everyone hating her and people not wanting to work with her is CRAZY none of these people are any better why are people so quick to not forgive IF ANY OF YOU IS WITHOUT SIN SPEAK NOW.Nene always remember the people you meet going up are the same people you meet coming down so check you self and keep on trying and working and don’t forget to pray

    1. What BUSINESS wants their brand associated with a WOMAN who wishes rape on another WOMAN? Money has nothing to do with who is “better”.

  4. NENE got what was coming to her. She is the same wig that kept telling Porsha that she is responsible for her reactions. So, NeNe is responsible for this as well. She needs to be out just like Phaedra. She didn’t anything different than Phaedra.

  5. The crazy thing is Luenell came for NeNe first. She got her feelings hurt when NeNe clapped back. She likes to stand on some pedestal but she won’t talk about the fact that she doesn’t mind that other reality stars are doing comedy now. I guess she’s fine with it as long as you kiss her a$$.

  6. Nene has many many times spoke ill of people and if questioned about it would say “I’m a grown azz woman and I can say what I want” So now she sees that just cuz you can doesn’t mean you should. Also I guess she doesn’t know the stage performer code on handling hecklers.

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