Azealia Banks is Still Trolling Cardi B

Apparently Azealia Banks isn’t ready to take her foot off Cardi B’s neck just yet.

The controversial female rapper made headlines weeks ago after she vented about Cardi’s chart success, and “Bodak Yellow” becoming the number one song in the country.

Azealia feels like Cardi benefits from being a fair-skinned Latina, and she feels like Nicki Minaj, who gets backlash quite often, had to work much harder for her success.

Cardi eventually clapped back by posting a video of Azealia getting her life to “Bodak Yellow” in the club not too long ago, and Azealia then accused Cardi of not writing her own lyrics.

Looks Azealia isn’t done with Cardi just yet.

The other day Cardi took to Instagram to alert fans of the new publishing deal she signed with Sony.

She even addressed those who doubt her writing abilities in the caption too:

Azealia clapped back on the post, leaving the following comment:

Azealia’s comment has since been deleted.

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  1. Azealia’s messiness aside, she does have a point. I’ve been talking about this with some friends and I do wonder about all these contracts Cardi has been signing. And publishing deals are tricky. She could have easily just signed herself into a lot of debt. The music business is really shady.

  2. Haters gon hate. Everyone should read their contracts before they sign but for some reason, people are just worried about what Cardi is doing. The hate is real.

  3. Umm Cardi needs to spend less time clapping back and deleting comments and working on that album. If she’s not careful, she will end up being a one hit wonder.

  4. A publishing deal already tho? I hope this was a good decision. After reading what I have about the music business, I side eye a lot of stuff now. Just saying.

  5. Azealia is crazy as a fox but sometimes she says the absolute truth. People need to keep in mind that Cardi takes care of her whole family. Atlantic and Sony gave her advances but she has to pay both of them back. She has a lot riding on her album and possible tour. That’s a lot of pressure for a new artist who only has one hit.

  6. Why is she concerned about Cardi though? If she put that much concern and effort into her own career she wouldn’t be a such a flop. She’s mad that Cardi is where she wants to be in a short amount of time but she could have done the same thing if she actually focused on herself rather than what the next is doing.

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