Hazel-E & Rose Burgundy Dragged for Anti-Gay and Anti-Dark Skinned Women Comments

Hazel-E and her boyfriend Rose Burgundy are immersed in a fast-growing firestorm as they posted various slurs towards dark-skinned black women and the LGBT community.

Allegedly, this all stems from Rose Burgundy being called out by an Instagram user @therealcamyonce, who says that he and Rose were previously romantically involved. Meanwhile, Hazel-E is currently involved in a back and forth beef with comedian and Instagram star Jessica Robin Moore (@Jesshilarous_official).

During her back and forth, Hazel referred to dark-skinned black women, “monkey looking dark butts.” She also referred to Camyonce as a fa***t, and called Jessica’s son gay. She also said many of her haters should stop bleaching their skin, and they are just jealous of her because they couldn’t pass the “paper bag test.”

Rose Burgundy, not to be outdone, posted a burning rainbow flag to his Instagram account, and said that he hopes “all gay people die and go to h***.” This was in response to Jessica posing direct messages of Rose Burgundy and Camyonce communicating.

Hazel-E then posted members of her family in one of her most recent IG posts, and told followers that she loves brown and dark skin.

LHHNY star Somaya Reese jumped in, pleading with her friend Hazel to remove the posts, but she hasn’t responded. BGC star Tanisha Thomas responded to Hazel saying she “f’d up” badly.

Hazel and Rose are currently being dragged on social media as a result of their comments.

Check out all of the posts below.

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  1. None of this surprises me. I see Masika is on Twitter trying to throw her two cents like she wasn’t on TV calling black people monkeys with Misster Ray. All of these people have issues and hate black women. Mona as well since her whole platform has been based off embarrassing black women.

    1. I have to cosign this. The whole franchise is anti-black women. So people can have a seat with the selective outrage. That’s why I can’t stan for Mona.

  2. I guess Hazel forgot that it’s mainly black women and gays watching the show. It’s not smart to piss off your viewers. Idiot.

  3. But Hazel so UGLY thoooooo jus like here Mama. How can women who are chocolate hate you cuz u light skin and they look BETTER than you. Not none of them cut they face up but YOU cuz YOU ARE UGLY. It’s called features not complexion. The features of ya face are tore up boo. All the women u posted have beautiful unique featuresZ They would be cute light skin and you’d still be ugly dark or light damn clown

  4. Hazel done bumped her head, I don’t know who told her light is right. nobody cares about that but you boo, trust me on this you aren’t white and that’s the only thing that matters to them that it matters to. You is still a n***** plain and simple so who cares how bright you are and on top of it all YOU ARE UGLY. Kick rocks, chick….

  5. Why is Moniece picture on there she aint dark?? And why after people say the most ignorant things they like to play victim and claim bullying made them say it

  6. Hazel’s parents really failed her in so many ways. She needs to go and get some help for her mental illness and possible drug problem.

  7. How is a industry slut nutted on by many mixed taped rappers when they down on the luck gonna quote the bible!?!. Cant even blame broke rappers for f-cking with her cause sometimes u dont wanna buy a girl dinner before u ram her in the a-s. Thats what girls like hazel e are for.

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