‘Mary Mary’ Recap: Tina Gets Overwhelmed + Erica Become Resentful

Tina struggles to get on the same page with Erica.

The episode opens at Warryn’s studio four days before their concerts in Kenya and Manchester UK.

Erica is still mad with Tina for agreeing to even performing in Kenya. With everything that happened with the terrorist attack, they asked if there will be security at the event. Interestingly enough, they learned from their travel contacts that Warryn knew about the Manchester trip.

When Warryn into the studio, Tina confronts him about this tidbit of information and he flat-out tells them that their prices for performing are getting lower.

Angry at Warryn about what she’s learned, Tina leaves under the guise of only having an hour to stay in the studio. When she leaves she tells Erica not to have a double standard with Warryn about Mary Mary.

Tina learns of Warryn’s plot surrounding the UK performance.

The next day, they are with their choreographer. While Tina complains about their dance routine, Erica brought her daughter with her. She missed school because she is struggling to deal with the other girls at school.

Erica and Tina give her advice about how to deal with students that don’t like her.

When they get back to learning the dance routines, the girls are far apart on the routine. Erica seems to be getting the steps, but Tina is struggling. Tina even forgot the lyrics to some of their songs.

At this point, Erica begins to openly wonder if Tina can handle everything.

Later on, Mary Mary meets with their manager to go over their itinerary. When they get the time to be at the airport, Tina begins to argue with their manager.

“I will be at that airport when I choose to be there.” – Tina

Erica jumps to their manager’s side, and Tina still argues. She tells them that she will get there at her convenience.

When the manager learns about their time to be on stage, Tina gets furious that she will only be in Kenya for 24 hours. Erica side eyes Tina because Tina booked the concert, and they are traveling on the day of Erica’s anniversary.

Tina brushes off her daughter’s plea for help.

The next day, Tina is at home with her kids, and Tina is being the super mom, getting all of them ready for school. Her oldest daughter Laiah is struggling with her grades. When the kids go to school, she blows off steam to Teddy about it.

Teddy notices that Tina is really high-strung. Teddy tells Tina that Laiah may be dealing with depression. However, Tina brushes it off.

She admits that she isn’t fully attentive to her daughter’s needs, and promises Teddy that she will be there for her more.

They are at their final rehearsal before their concerts, they are struggling with the moves, especially Tina. Tina says she is stretching herself thin with everything she has going on at home. So she still isn’t getting the moves. Out of no where, Tina begins to break down.

Tina says she is beating herself up because of everything going on at home.

Erica says, “The Mary Mary train is already derailing, and we just got it back on the track.”

It’s time for the ladies to head for their trip to Africa, and Erica leaves Warryn with their kids. Erica is still mad that Tina even booked the trip and says if the roles were reversed, Tina would be celebrating her anniversary with Teddy instead.

Goo Goo contemplates plastic surgery.

Tina and Erica get on their plane but quickly learn it has two flat tires. They won’t be taking off for another hour and a half. This infuriates Tina who managed to get herself to the airport on time. While they are dealing with issues at the airport, Goo Goo is handling another client before she joins them. The client is Rapper Toni Monroe, who recently had weight loss surgery.

Goo Goo’s client also had a tummy tuck and extra skin removed from her arms. However, she isn’t sure her family would support her having the surgery. Despite this, Goo Goo will talk to a doctor first.

Eventually, Mary Mary head out to Nairobi, but missed their connecting flight in Amsterdam so they have a longer layover. They did make the flight to Nairobi. However, they don’t have time to rest. When they land, they have to go directly to their sound check.

Goo Goo meets up with plastic surgeon, Dr. Griffin. She tells him that she wants a tummy tuck. During the consultation, she also asks for an arm and breast lift.

The festival performance goes on with many hitches. A flight cancellation then puts their UK performance in jeopardy.

When they land, Mary Mary goes on their press tour for the concert. Erica expresses feelings that Tina is “double dipping” with the group.

“She wants to go on tour and perform, but still doesn’t want to do an album.” – Erica

Their sound check has issues with the event sound equipment. It got so bad, they need to replace major equipment hours before the performance.

Despite these hurdles, the festival is ready for Mary Mary to hit the stage. The ladies sound good and their fans are enjoying the show. Even with the struggles with practice, Erica and Tina look as if they haven’t missed a beat. Things get bad when their background vocals go out and they start getting microphone feedback.

When they get off stage, the fans begins to sing Erica’s song, “I Luv God.” So, Erica gives them what they want despite Tina wanting to get to the airport.

“Thank God for the solo music.” – Erica

As they are trying to get to the airport, their booking manager tells them their flight to the UK is cancelled. This angers Tina because if they can’t make their new flight, they won’t make it to the UK in time for the show.


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