Mona Scott Young Shades Hazel-E + Camilla Poindexter Points Out Hypocrisy (UPDATE)

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel-E made headlines recently because she made some really horrible comments about dark skinned women and the gay community.

Mona Scott Young seemingly threw some shade at Hazel amid the backlash, but “Bad Girls Club” veteran Camilla Poindexter thinks Mona is being a hypocrite.

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  1. I mean where’s the lie? Mona essentially pays people who do nothing but bully each other every season. She could stop it and make her shows more positive but she never does because all she cares about is ratings. So she needs to have a stadium of seats.

  2. Where was all this outrage when Masika and Misster Ray were calling people monkeys on Twitter? Why was that not equally as problematic? That whole cast is trash and the show needs a serious revamp.

  3. Hazel was out of line but Mona really needs to stop pretending like she didn’t get wealthy off giving people like Hazel a platform.

  4. Umm why is Mona playing this PR game? Did she not hire Yung Berg, despite the fact that he called dark skinned women “dark butts” a few years before? I remember her trying to defend it too. So I don’t buy for a second that she gives a damn that Hazel said the same ignorance Berg did. Birds of a feather, right? Mona is so damn fake.

    1. C’mon…you know it’s about gay folks not black women. People will watch us tear each other apart but the minute you come across as homophobic you gone. Black women issues are easily dismissed

  5. The biggest takeaway for me is that Mona isn’t much different from Shaunie. She can’t even fire people without getting it cleared with other people. This definitely makes me look at her differently.

  6. Why are they only addressing the gay comments? So basically darker skinned people can be called monkeys and we can reference the paper bag test but say something about someone gay and you break the internet and its a huge problem. I guess bullying only goes to certain people

  7. Did they really just make this all about what she said about gays like the comments about dark skinned women were acceptable? And Mona, a dark skinned woman, is allowing that? I can’t.

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