Masika Kalysha Says Alexis Skyy is Dumb to Join Fetty Wap’s Plethora of Baby Mamas

Masika Kalysha is not holding back on her opinions on Alexis Skyy being pregnant by Fetty Wap.

In a recent interview with VH1, Masika says Alexis was a fool to become another one of Fetty’s baby mamas, and she even claims Fetty asked her if they could have more children.

Masika said:

Your whole life dream was to get pregnant by any rapper.

I was at Willy’s house in New Jersey, and we were talking about having more kids. And he broke the news to me that there were more kids that I didn’t know about. And that hurt me. Deeply. Really did. And it took me a minute to get over that. But I had a choice. I could get mad, I can be upset or I could deal with it because the kids aren’t going away. So after that initial shock, I really don’t think anything could have shocked me anymore.

Anybody who is willing or interested or tries to purposely figure out a way to join in the plethora of baby mothers has to be a complete buffoon…idiot because now there’s no way she doesn’t know how many kids he has.

Masika goes on to say that she’s going to have a good relationship with Fetty no matter what.

Check out the video below:

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  1. This woman is so delusional. The fact that she can’t see that everything she said about Alexis also applies to herself is hilarious to me.

  2. So Masika didn’t feel the need to google the rapper before she trapped him? That’s what I’m stuck on. It was well known he has a bunch of kids when he blew up. That wasn’t hidden. She sounds dumber than Alexis.

  3. Honestly, Alexis and Masika are in the same boat. Both of them are playing themselves. But neither of them are smart enough to see that.

  4. Marika is just mad that she is in the same boat as other woman. They will all sink. He is not that popular and will fade soon so they will all have to join forces for child support. He will be broke real soon and on the reality show with rest of broke rappers.

  5. She acts like she didn’t already receive the award for being stupid, she joined the crew of baby mama’s with her eyes wide open, so what she mad cause there’s someone else just as dumb & she finally see’s her own dumb a$$ self. she can’t even play the game she was already to far down the line to join his crew of mama’s and no I don’t believe he talked about having more kids with her and she’s stupid for saying so, he didn’t say let’s get married so why brag about being a sperm catcher. I am not impressed.

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