LHHH Recap: Masika & Miss Nikki Baby Read Each Other + Zell Attacks Misster Ray

Zell attacks Misster Ray.

After Misster Ray and Zell say they will drop their beef and be cordial, things go left.

Zell walks up to give Misster Ray a hug but ends up attacking him once he gets close. Ray starts crying, while Zell is escorted out of the building.

“Bye, New York!” – Zell

It’s then shown that Ray’s hands are bleeding. He says he was scratched by Zell while he was protecting his face with his hands.

Misster Rays says he will be pressing charges and everyone on stage, including Teairra says Zell was out of line. Teairra even says she doesn’t want to be around Zell anymore, while Lyrica says she doesn’t even consider Zell a friend.

Masika says what Zell did was a low blow and Nina calls Alexis out for laughing backstage.

Misster Ray says he didn’t stand up to hug Zell because he didn’t believe he really wanted a truce. He then goes on to say that Zell, unlike the others, has no resume and nothing to lose, so his behavior isn’t surprising.

Miss Nikki Baby and Masika have a war of words.

Miss Nikki Baby and Masika then start arguing after Nikki says Masika caused a lot of the division this season by having issues with anyone who is cool with Alexis.

“You don’t have a man who will claim you.” – Masika

“If you didn’t know my man, you would never be on this stage. Remember whose been here for four seasons. You’ve been here for three.” – Nikki

Masika and Nikki then try to run up on each other but security intervenes. The insults keep flying though.

“You f*ck your baby daddy. You still look like a f*cking struggle. And you live like one too, b*tch.” – Nikki

“My heels are higher than your self esteem.” – Masika

“Your heels on them dirty a*s feet, b*tch.” – Nikki

Masika then jokingly lays down on the floor and tells Nikki to attack her while security is still holding Nikki back.

Brooke and Marcus hash out the issues.

Booby and Brooke claimed they never had anything in the past and kissed for the first time on the show.

Keyshia says the kiss looked passionate and she hasn’t seen Brooke kiss Marcus that passionately.

Brooke and Marcus won’t answer on where they stand now, but Marcus does confirm that his divorce is final, so their future is wide open.

Brooke and Bridget address their fallout.

Bridget says her going into the studio with Marcus wasn’t scandalous because they have no romantic feelings.

Bridgett says her kiss with Booby didn’t show the whole conversation that happened before and they are just friends. Booby says him kissing Brooke and Bridget isn’t an issue because they were all single at the time.

Moniece calls out Cisco.

Cisco joins the cast on the stage and Teairra admits she still feels like the way people handled her drinking problem was shady.

Moniece says she just wanted to help Teairra but she didn’t want to talk to Cisco because he doesn’t really care about Teairra.

Security restrains her and she claims Cisco was fired from the New York show.

He grabs a pillow to throw at Moniece but security makes him calm down.

Cisco then directs his anger towards Nikki, he then claims he slept with her.

Nikki denies this and says they are just friends.

Teairra is annoyed because Cisco never told her he knew Nikki beforehand.

Cisco denies cheating on Teairra and says he started messing wth Amber after he fell out with Teairra at the studio.

Teairra says rehab was great and she’s been focusing on her album.

She says she no longer drinks.

She says that Masika has been going on around saying she relapsed. But Masika apologizes and says she did it out of anger. They are back on good terms.

Moniece says she tried to call Teairra at rehab but she didn’t have the extension. Nikki says she didn’t have it either.

“I know for a fact you had my extension.” – Teairra

Chanel apologizes for her first meeting with A1 and says she didn’t purposely try to diss him. He accepts her apology.

Lyrica says that A1 has stopped her from working with male rappers, so it shouldn’t be a problem that she doesn’t want him to work with female artists.

Safaree is leaving the show and heading to the New York show.

They play a montage of Safaree’s silliest moments and he breaks down crying while telling the cast how much he appreciates them.

Nina hints he will still be around, possibly just moving to the New York show.


What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. I don’t think Masika read anyone. You can tell her comebacks are rehearsed. While Nikki’s reads came from the soul. She dragged Masika’s a-s.

  2. Nikki really surprised me. I didn’t know she had it in her. I also hate how hypocritical all of them were about the Zell situation. None of them are Mother Teresa.

  3. So many Mazika haters on here. Y’all so annoying. Where did Nikki read Masika where???? Nikki just as wack and all talk. I’m not impressed by somebody running directly into the arms of security to act like they being held back I’m sorry.

  4. Nikki did not come to play with Masika. Even Masika was caught off guard. All she could muster up is bragging about the labels she was wearing and the low self esteem shade when her self esteem is just as low.

  5. Oh please. Masika is not Floyd Mayweather. She depends on the arms of security too. I’m convinced you’re Masika. You care too much.

    1. I’m direct so if you gon come for me don’t be shady and not respond DIRECTLY to my comment. Where did I say she was Floyd I said Nikki just as wack but y’all jumpin on her team now cuz y’all hate Masika so much. I care so much cuz I left a comment. Girl Bye! Then I must be just as panini pressed as your arse is Alexis!!!

  6. Nikki with the read! All Masika does is tweet/project all damn day. How is she going to come for Nikki’s plastic surgery when she’s had the same work done? She’s a hot mess.

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