Tyrese Blames His Money Problems on The Rock + Breaks Down on Instagram

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By: A.J. Niles

Tyrese is back to taking shots at The Rock for his financial issues once again. In a recent Instagram post, Tyrese goes, once again, into details of how The Rock is keeping money out of his pockets.

This happens as Tyrese is dealing with domestic issues with his daughter and ex, which led to him having an emotional breakdown on Instagram.

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  1. But he can’t blame anyone but himself for his money issues. If he can’t book movies outside of Fast And Furious, how is that The Rock’s fault?

  2. Tyrese really needs to get off social media and get himself some help. We are witnessing his breakdown and it’s sad to see.

  3. Does Tyrese not understand that he’s giving his ex wife more ammunition with these breakdowns on Instagram? She’s saying he’s mentally unstable so having breakdowns like this will only make things worse for him.

    1. Nope. He’s not thinking about any of that. Where are his loved ones? Wife? Sometimes you have to step in and just take their phone away.

  4. This is why Tyrese should have been humble when he had TGT. He broke the group up and acted like a diva because he felt like he was the biggest star out the group. They need me, he thought. But he could have still had that income coming in while the other movie was on halt. It always pays to be humble. I won’t say this is his karma because I don’t know him so I don’t really know.

  5. The Rock has kids and a family to support as well. As a man, he has to always do what he needs to do so they can eat. He works really hard and is always on the grind. He shouldn’t have to turn down movies for Tyrese.

  6. That video was so hard to watch. My heart was breaking for him. His wife is a social worker and I think she’d be wise to help him get some therapy. He seemed to be having an emotional breakdown. He should get off social media until he’s resolved his custody battle. He’s making moves out of emotions and not thinking logically. He’s doing too much. I wish Tyrese the best and I hope he can get his visitations back with his daughter. I’ve seen him in videos with her and it was obvious he loves her greatly and treasures their relationship. I hope his ex-wife isn’t being hateful and vindictive using their child as a pawn against him.

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