‘Tamar & Vince’ Recap: Tamar and Vice Clash Over Surgery + Tamar’s Recent Performance

It’s revealed the season filmed 90 days prior to Tamar filing for divorce.

The entire season of “Tamar & Vince” was filmed approximately 90 days before Tamar Filed for divorce on October 24th.

A producer asked them during their green screen interview what Tamar meant when she said that she wanted more excitement in her marriage, rather than co-existing. Both Tamar and Vince just face palmed themselves and looked away from the camera in disgust and frustration with one another.

Later on Vince says, When you love someone, there’s nothing to navigate because it’s love, and that trumps everything. Tamar then says, “The pressure we’ve put on ourselves as a couple having the facade that everything is amazing and we live on a castle on the hill… That’s not real life, it’s just not.

A montage then appears showing how Tamar and Vince’s marriage fell apart in front of the show’s cameras. This includes Tiny telling Tamar that she should look for another manager before her marriage can’t be saved.

Tamar and Vince discuss her new album and his surgery desires.

The episode opens with Tamar and Vince hanging out by their pool in LA. Vince expresses his desire to have  skin removal surgery and Tamar isn’t pleased. He feels he needs the surgery because of his dramatic, 100 pound weight loss since his previous sleeve procedure. He is now currently 217 pounds and healthy. However, Tamar doesn’t want him to have it because it is dangerous.

“We’ve argue, disagree about this because Vince had blood clots. So when you have surgery, your chances of getting them again after the surgery is much higher, and it’s not worth it.” – Tamar

Meanwhile, Tamar is feeling tension with her new label about her new album. She and Vince are heading to New York to talk to the label about everything surrounding the album. She’s nervous about everything because she can’t handle rejection well. She was fired from “The Real” and her friendship with Tiny hit a rough spot.

Vince expresses shady displeasure with his wife’s career.

Later on, Tamar meets with her hair stylist James to prepare with for her show at Union nightclub in LA. They walk into the shop, and meet with her stylist EJ and designer Tlazsa.

Tamar says that she is relying on Vince to set everything up for the performance.

While she’s being styled for it, Vince is out golfing with his friend Benzino. When they finish their golf game, they relax on a bench. Vince tells him that he’s in a new clear place after the surgery. He also tells Benzino he has to head to New York for Tamar’s new album.

Although he says he loves working with Tamar, his tone says otherwise.

“Working with Tamar has been great. You know, we’ve been together for 10 years. It’s a lot of hard work because it never cuts off. You’re home, it’s on — You’re not home, it’s on. And it’s somebody that… You never get away from. You always have to do something, and something always going on, you know?” – Vince

Meanwhile, Tamar finds her outfit for the performance. She also wants the same hairstyle that she had for the BET Awards.

Vince also tells Benzino that he’s nervous about heading back home to New York because his parents are buried there. While he’s there, he’s seeing his doctor to determine if he’s healthy enough to do to have the skin surgery. He understands that Tamar is concerned about his health but if the doctor says he’s good, he’s going to do the surgery.

As Tamar is on a press run, Vince seeks surgery approval from his doctor.

Tamar and Vince are in New York City and first head over to their label E-One. The meeting is important because Vince wants to get everyone on the same page. At the meeting, Tamar says she is excited to be working with Vince and the label.

With the record not coming out until the end of September, she’s concerned about the momentum being lost, so she wants the album to come out Labor Day. But, she’s really concerned about another major artist coming out that weekend. For now, no other artist has an album coming out on her desired date.

Afterwards, Tamar spends time with Logan at a bakery where they can make their own cakes. She takes the time to tell Logan she is going out on tour while he’s going to school.

While they are out at the restaurant, Vince visits his parents’ graves with his hometown friends. He only has his friends at the grave site because he feels Logan isn’t ready for the gravity of the situation and says that Tamar can’t handle it.

Tamar heads to Sirius XM to promo her new single, “My Man” and upcoming album. While Tamar is doing the promo, Vince sees his doctor Maryann McLoughlin. Dr. Maryann helped him when he was sick a while ago.

Tamar is still in the interview, and she goes on about Vince’s weight loss. She doesn’t want Vince to have any surgery that could kill him.

The doctor tells him that the extra skin is like a 20 pound tire around his waist, however, the surgery is risky because of his clotting condition. He tells his doctor that Tamar is against the surgery, and the doctor understands, bringing up his past time in a coma.

Despite this, he wants the surgery.

“I made it this far. I want to finish it.” – Vince

Tamar and Vince argue over the surgery.

When they get back home, Vince and Tamar recap their time in New York. Tamar lets Vince know that she isn’t happy he went to see his doctor while she was working promoting the single.

During their green screen interview, they begin to argue over it with Tamar saying that she wishes he picked a time when she wasn’t working to see his doctor. Vince says that she has his doctor’s number and she can call anytime she wanted to.

“I can call Dr. McLaughlin and have as many conversations I want but at the end of the day, it’s Vince’s decision.” – Tamar

The performance at Union happens with many glitches. 

It’s the night of Tamar’s performance at Union. Her sound engineer stops by and tells Tamar the sound will be ran through his cell phone. This begins the stress out for Tamar.

When they get to the club, she busts out a quick rehearsal with her dancers. Tamar and Vince seem to be tense towards one another.

When she gets on stage, Tamar starts getting feedback and starts side-eying her sound engineer.

“Why the f*** is going on? I have no control over the sound and I sound like a hot-a** mess.” – Tamar

The sound wasn’t the only thing to happen. When it was time for her dancers to come to the stage, they missed their count and failed to do it.

Despite this, her fans appeared to really enjoy the show. After the show, she gets into Vince for failing to make sure everyone was prepared because they made her look bad.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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