Watch: Tamar & Vince Give Divorce Update + Tamar Talks Instagram Meltdown

Photo Credit: ABC/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar and Vince made headlines after it was confirmed that Tamar had filed for divorce.

The news came at the same time that ‘”Tamar & Vince” viewers witnessed the couple falling apart on the show.

However, the couple appeared on “The View” this morning, and gave an update on their divorce.

Tamar also addressed the rumor of Vince getting another woman pregnant.

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  1. Their whole situation is weird. It really does seem like it’s all for ratings. She filed for divorce yet she went on vacations with him after the fact. She got on the gram and said he got someone else pregnant and then dragged Laura Govan into it. Now she’s saying some “friends” lied to her. What?

  2. So basically, they not be going through with the divorce. I figured that much when they were vacationing together recently.

  3. Seems fake to me. I really think they pulled a Kardashians move and had a meeting with the whole family to plot out fake situations that would boost the ratings on their shows. I mean it’s smart if they did. EVERYBODY is going to be watching to see everything unfold.

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