After Remy Ma Responds, Khia Takes More Shots

Photo Credit: Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

For most of 2017, Remy Ma has been embroiled in a rap beef with Nicki Minaj. Many people threw their opinions out publicly on either side of their beef. This includes Khia, who got disrespectful with her shade, bringing up Remy’s struggles with pregnancy.

When Remy caught wind of the shade, she responded.

And Khia is thankful for the publicity.

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  1. “I think a lot of times, they envy, they jealous of what they don’t have… so instead of saying something nice, they say something negative to get attention.”

    Remy doesn’t even realize that this statement applies to her as well. LOL.

  2. Oh please. This chick had a whole entire come up by dissing Nicki for attention. It worked and Khia is just doing the same thing to promote her show. She can’t say a damn thing about Khia using her blueprint.

  3. Remy be lying with a straight face. It’s pretty obvious she was rapping about Nicki in that song seeing as though she said she is taking the crown. And she knew teaming up with Kim would bring on even more publicity since Kim doesn’t like Nicki either. I mean it is what it is. Hopefully it pays off and her album sales make it worth it because I’m tried of their beef.

  4. How is Papoose popping? He’s been a flop for years and lives in her shadow. I like Remy but she can be a bit delusional at times. Anyway, I’m not feeling her joint with Kim. When you get Kim on a track, you have to let her rap an actual verse or it’s a waste of a song. Kim is the GOAT. You don’t have the GOAT singing the chorus in autotune. Just saying.

  5. Khia:

    “Remy you got one album b-tch and it didn’t sell! Everything else you did was features. Kim Little you ain’t supposed to be with Remus! And that song you just put out put me to sleep. I’m gonna have you get three jobs, cuz you gonna have to pay that lady that you shot in her stomach, all your coins b-tch.”

    “Sick of these b-tches acting like someone owe them something! Sourpuss got more albums than you Remy!

    “And b-tch just like you went in the studio and act like you didn’t know me, I want you to go act like you don’t know Nicki Minaj from now on, we tired of it!”

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