Porsha Williams Says It’s Unfair That Kenya Moore’s Husband Isn’t on RHOA

Kenya Moore’s husband Marc Daly wants nothing to do with RHOA.

He’s also not happy about being a hot topic on the gossip blogs.

A lot of Kenya’s fans support the absence of her husband on the show, but his absence has been a source of criticism.

Now Porsha Williams feels it’s unfair that Marc has not been on the show.

She said the following to Entertainment Tonight:

“Yeah, she wasn’t invited on the international trip. We are on a reality show. Everybody else on the show is obligated to open their family up to the world and open up our private lives. So, it’s not fair when somebody makes the decision to not bring their husband on the show.

“Cynthia went through a divorce on the show, I went through a divorce, I mean, people going through stuff in their real life on the show. Every single person on this show has dealt with their personal life on the show and exposed themselves and has been transparent. You’re not a team player if you’re on the show and not show your personal life, but still want to be here. It’s not being a team player.”

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  1. Truth be told, I don’t even understand why Kenya is still on the show. The show is called housewives and she finally has a man she didn’t pay for but doesn’t want him on the show? It doesn’t even make sense. Since she has multiple businesses and he has his own businesses, she can gracefully leave the show, right? She serves no purpose. Bravo needs to cut some dead weight after this season. I’ve been bored.

  2. Porsha is just jealous her sham of a marriage didn’t work out. For years, they have been saying Kenya can’t get a man and not only did she get one but she got one who is fine and is about his business. Meanwhile, Porsha is divorced and has to thot around to feel good about herself.

    1. so you have a real man? those with real life men dont spend all there time worrying about others relationship

  3. I’m no longer a fan of Porsha but I’m glad she calling her out. Had it been one of the ladies in Kenya’s situation she would of had a field day in the press about how wrong and unfair it is.

  4. I mean I feel like this is common sense. How are you on a reality show but you don’t want your life shown on the show? I mean that’s if Kenya is even really married at all.

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