Masika Kalysa Puts Miss Nikki Baby on Blast

Masika Kalysha had an interview with Hollywood Unlocked recently. During the interview, Masika was her usual shady self.

Early on in the interview, Jason Lee asked her about her beef with LHHH co-star Miss Nikki Baby. Masika brought up how Nikki was texting her before the LHHH reunion to allegedly bury the hatchet. However when she got to the reunion, she saw Nikki being all buddy buddy with her enemies, Alexis Skyy and Hazel-E.

This conversation led to some very shady allegations of Nikki engaging in illicit drug use during the reunion:

“…But you know, she does her Coke and her Molly at the reunion, so she’s usually high… She asked me if I wanted some and I told her no.” She later adds, “There were several people at the reunion… going on drug binges…”

Jason Lee then brings up the person sitting to right of him during his LHHH reunion taping was so high, he thought “he was dead.”

“I was about to raise my hand and say can we call the paramedics.”

Masika Kalysha also took repeated shots at Alexis Skyy, referring to her as a charity case, and says that she was pregnant by Fetty Wap for a second time during the season. However, she lost the baby at 11 weeks pregnant and is frustrated the LHHH producers never wanted to show her talking about it, or her positive relationship with Fetty Wap.

Check out the full interview below.

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  1. Just how in the hell does she think she’s in a position to talk about someone else’s life when she’s sitting back getting pregnant by a man that get’s everyone pregnant? She should worry about getting the clap or something worse.

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