Kenya Moore Responds to Criticism for Her Comments About Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Brielle

Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak probably won’t be on friendly terms anytime soon.

The two RHOA stars have been on bad terms since last season.

They actually clashed at Sheree Whitfield’s housewarming party, and it’s been pretty nasty between them ever since.

Kim doesn’t believe Kenya is actually married, and Kenya isn’t going to let her get away with coming after her marriage.

On the latest episode, both took verbal jabs, with Kenya even making some controversial remarks about Kim’s daughter Brielle.

So it’s no surprise things spilled over to Twitter:


After some of Kim’s supporters and fans of the show accused Kenya of crossing the line with her shady comments about Brielle, Kenya didn’t back down:

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  1. I just think Kenya finally met her match. No one can play victim like Kim Zolciak.. And the white media already has her back. They have been dragging Kenya all day in the press over what she said to Kim. Kenya will not win this fight. Watch her end up apologizing.

  2. I absolutely hate that this situation is forcing me to defend Kenya but here goes. Kim came for Kenya first. And if you have a husband, he’s your family, so how can Kim say kids and family is off limits but she keeps talking reckless about Kenya’s marriage and husband? Also Kim is the one who asked who her daughter needed to blow for John Legend tickets. Can’t get mad at Kenya for reminding her of that.

    1. I agree. On most occasions Kenya is the fire starter however, I’m on team Kenya bc Kim was the one who chimed in rudely unnecessarily. Kenya was out of line for bringing Brielle in the conversation however, Kim shouldn’t have spoken on her marriage.

    2. I wouldve agreed with you except this fight started at Sheree’s housewarming party when Kenya came after Kroy. Unfortunately, Kenya created this situation and Kim coming after her hubby was just payback. Kim is Kenya’s karma for all the sh-t she our the other women through. And please note, the Bravo cameras did not follow Kenya to Barbados for her infertility storyline. She just might be fired after all.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but this season is sooooo boring! Kim did nothing for me either so I don’t know why people are hyping up her return.

  4. I’m mad at Kim cause she got me up in here agreeing with Kenya’s annoying a-s! Kim did way too much at that white party!

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