LHHNY Recap: Lil Mo Discovers Dynamite May Be Cheating + MariahLynn Attacks Sophia Body


LHHNY Recap: Lil Mo Discovers Dynamite May Be Cheating + MariahLynn Attacks Sophia Body

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Lil Mo and her boo Karl “Dynamite” Dargan relocate to New York.

Mo is hoping she can get her music career back on track.

Karl and Mo meet Remy and Papoose for lunch to catch up.

They discuss how hard it is to maintain family life while being in the music industry.

Lil Mo says social media also makes things very stressful, especially when people accuse Karl of being unfaithful.

Remy says the block button is a life saver.

Dreamdoll and MariahLynn are getting along well.

MariahLynn is happy that Dreamdoll is signed to Gwinnin Entertainment because they get along great. She recaps Dreamdoll on what went down between her boo James and DJ Self.

“I don’t care who you are. If you come for my team, it’s game on.” – MariahLynn

MariahLynn doesn’t like that James is causing drama in her business relationship with Self.

She says she will give James one more chance to get his act together.

Anais confronts Navarro.

She tells him that she didn’t appreciate how Ashley came at her recently.

He tells her that his goal is for Anais and Ashley to work together.

After Navarro tells Anais to chill out on calling Ashley out her name, Anais says that she is like his second wife, so Ashley needs to learn how to calm down.

“She’s the one that triggers me.” – Anais

Anais breaks down in tears and says that she’s been through a lot in the industry and she doesn’t appreciate how Ashley keeps coming for her.

In a green screen interview, she says that she’s had a lot of bad experiences with other managers.

“If y’all not here to build my name up, f*ck y’all!” – Anais

Anais tells Navarro that she doesn’t want to ever see Ashley again.

James is already entertaining another woman.

After getting into it with MariahLynn, James calls up Sophia Body to be his leading lady in his music video.

He woos her with some champagne but she tells him she’s hesitant because she wants to focus on being a DJ and leave her video vixen career in the past.

“The real me doesn’t seduce. I like to be seduced.” – Sophia

They flirt and she tells him she will be in his video if he will be on her record. He agrees and they toast to their plans.

She tells him that she’s dating Jaquae. He says he’s not dating MariahLynn because she’s not living up to his standards.

Navarro meets Rich Dollaz for some help.

He tells Rich that Ashley and Anais got into it bad recently and it’s hurting his business.

Rich tells them he needs to check both and let them know where he stands.

Navarro says he will get with both women to come up with a resolution soon.

JuJu and Remy catch up, JuJu opens up about her past fertility issues.

Remy tells JuJu that Papoose is really pushing for them to have a baby via IFV.

JuJu tells her that she tried IVF and it didn’t work out. She breaks down in tears and tells Remy to emotionally prepare just in case IVF isn’t successful.

Remy now feels like she needs to make sure she starts on the IVF process.

Lil Mo has converted to Islam.

She says the religion has helped her find peace and Dynamite walks in on her while she’s praying.

She tells him she was praying that they both have breakthroughs in their careers.

Dynamite has been sidelined from boxing due to an injury and he’s ready to get back in the ring. Lil Mo agrees, but she’s not sure she’s ready for him to be on the go again. He’s been around so much and helping her a lot with the kids. She’s not ready to give that up.

Bri, Dreamdoll, Jaquae and DJ Self play some pool.

Bri tells Dreamdoll about her ongoing feud with Bianca.

Bri says that she’s been close with Dreamdoll for years and she’s happy that Dreamdoll’s career is doing well.

Dreamdoll starts rehashing the time Bianca and her friends tried to jump Bri at her birthday party, and they pushed her out the way. So she’s not feeling Bianca either.

Jaquae and DJ Self tell Bri that she needs to end her beef with Bianca but Bri says that she’s going to swing on Bianca as soon as she sees her again.

Dreamdoll says she’s going to meet with Bianca to settle things and get an apology since Bianca ruined her party.

Brittney tells her to be careful since MariahLynn and Bianca are friends.

Navarro brings Anais and Ashley together.

He tells them that they need to all work together and Anais gets annoyed when Ashley appears to not be listening and playing with her nails.

Ashley then apologizes and says that she does like Anais, but she doesn’t want Anais to stop sending Navarro inappropriate pictures.

Anais says the pictures that she sent are “just business.”

She says Navarro is family and she’s not trying to disrespect their relationship.

Ashley hears her out and agrees that they all will respect each other moving forward.

Dreamdoll and Bianca meet up.

It doesn’t take long for them to start arguing, and Bianca says she still doesn’t understand why Bri had a problem with her first.

“This don’t have nothing to do with you.” – Bianca

“You don’t think you’re wrong. You are wrong.” – Dreamdoll

Dreamdoll tells Bianca that if she runs up on Bri, she’s going to have her back. Bianca is unfazed.

Lil Mo tries to protect her son, Justin, but learns about Dynamite’s possible cheating ways.

Justin tells her he wants a phone but she doesn’t want to get him one because social media is so messy.

He tells her that he did Google her and Dynamite one day, and saw that some woman claimed that Karl cheated on Mo and she had text messages as proof.

This angers Mo because she wanted to protect her kids from the drama.

Justin says the story angered him but he didn’t believe it.

MariahLynn goes off on James and Sophia Body.

MariahLynn comes by the video shoot and gets upset when she finds Sophia there.

She asks what’s going on and Sophia tells MariahLynn it’s not a big deal since James said he’s not in a relationship with MariahLynn and he’s currently single.

MariahLynn then asks Sophia if James was trying to get with her, and she says, “Of course.”

MariahLynn then pushes Sophia off the bed and security intervenes.

She thens throws a shoe at James.

“Head back to Self.” – James

Before being escorted out, she takes a final verbal jab at Sophia.

“B*tch you f*cked the whole industry!” – MariahLynn


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  1. Elizabeth

    November 14, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    This is such a terrible season.

    • Ms. Jackson

      November 14, 2017 at 2:14 pm

      It’s straight up trash.

  2. Anonymous

    November 14, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    So Lil Mo is really going to pretend she hasn’t already been cheated on by this dude and he is actually into men too? Ok sis. Get that check I guess.

  3. Michelle

    November 14, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Boring season. None of these storylines are interesting.

  4. Fashionista

    November 14, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    I thought Lil Mo would make the show interesting but she’s not. I’m starting to think no one can.

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