Mendeecees Harris’ Baby Mama Samantha Wallace Shows Yandy Smith Some Love

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Yandy Smith has clashed with Mendeecees Harris’ baby mommas.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Yandy Smith has been approached with the possibility of healing co-parenting relationships. In fact, this was discussed on the current season. However, longtime fans remember how much drama unfolded on the New York show. And for years, Yandy just couldn’t get along with Mendeecees Harris’ exes. Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo accused Yandy of being disrespectful. And they felt like Yandy preferred to throw her relationship with Mendeecees in their faces than get along. As for Yandy, she thought Erika and Samantha were the disrespectful ones. And she wanted them to respect her position in order to co-parent peacefully.

At the height of the drama, things only worsened at the “Love And Hip Hop New York” reunion. As Yandy and Samantha were arguing, a man and a woman ran to the stage to attack Samantha. The moment caught everyone off guard. However, Samantha accused Yandy of setting the moment up.

When Yandy was asked to identify who assaulted Samantha, she claimed she didn’t see what happened. Erika and Samantha called her out about this. And it just seemed as if there wasn’t a sliver of possibility that all three ladies could get along in the future.

Well, the naysayers may have been wrong. Recently, Samantha actually showed Yandy some love on social media.

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