Yandy Smith Responds After LHHATL Fan Accuses Her of Being Jealous of Samantha Wallace

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Some LHHATL fans have been calling out Yandy Smith after the latest episode.

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans had a lot to say about the recent episode. On the episode, Mendeecees Harris finally tricked Yandy Smith into talking to Samantha Wallace. Those who watched “Love And Hip Hop New York” from the earlier seasons remember how much Samantha and Yandy clashed. Samantha accused Yandy of causing drama and coming for her as a mother. As for Yandy, she felt like Samantha and Erika DeShazo didn’t respect her position in Mendeecees’ life.

There were a lot of rumors, arguments, and verbal jabs thrown at that time. However, Samantha still didn’t think that things would get as bad as they did. At one reunion, Samantha argued with Mendeecees’ sister and mother on the stage. She then exchanged words with Yandy. And after she and Yandy stood up and were quickly restrained by security, Yandy’s cousin Kisha and a male friend ran to attack Samantha while she was held back. And Samantha was attacked from behind.

On the latest episode, Yandy told Samantha that it was unfortunate what went down that day. But she refused to apologize because she didn’t ask Kisha to attack Samantha. And in a green screen interview, Yandy said Samantha got what she deserved because she was running her mouth.

Despite some iciness from Yandy, Samantha was happy with Yandy’s offer to set up a meeting with Kisha. And she even asked Yandy if they could hug it out. Well, Yandy wasn’t interested in hugging.

After the episode aired, some fans took to social media to call out Yandy for her actions. They felt she was being very immature. Others believe Yandy could be a bit jealous of Samantha. Yandy responded after someone expressed this theory to her.

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  1. Ahhh…. I thinks 🤔 NOT.. 💯 % IT’S the other way around stop playing with urself @yandysmith has never ever been jealous of Samantha why would she omg here we go with tryna play people against each .. steady pulling one another down smdh.. it’s a d-mn shame these grown a-s women can’t even come together for the sake of their son period. Im applaud at this comment. Wow.. #noneedtopokeholes.

    1. How is it the other way around? Let me sit down and get comfortable because I need you to break it down to me like I’m 5. All I see is Samantha being grown in this situation finally and Yandy is too immature to receive it. It ain’t that deep. Even Mendeecees is over it. Yandy needs to stop being so childish. She’s not even the one who got assaulted. So why is Yandy still mad?

      1. It’s not the other way around. Yandy’s fans are projecting and they are running out of material to defend her foolishness. This is the first time we’ve seen Samantha be this mature. It’s refreshing.

  2. I don’t know if it’s jealousy per se. But Yandy’s life with Mendeecees has been far from perfect. It’s more likely that she’s taking her frustrations with Mendeecees out on Samantha. She bickered with them over a man who couldn’t promise her he’d hold her down if she was the one that had to go to prison. This is why you don’t fight other women over a man. Eventually you realize that man you were fighting over may not have been worth it.

      1. Ask Yandy since she’s the jealous and pressed one here. Yandy got the man she wanted, right? So why is she still bitter?

  3. Nah my common sense tells me Yandy is insecure as h-ll. And she has been from day one. I remember how goofy she looked like 5 or 6 years ago on IG Live pointing at her ring and being all haughty like she won something. Then it came out that they aren’t even married. Whole wedding was some bullsh-t. They still ain’t married. Yandy’s self esteem is directly tied to if Mendeecees wants her or not. So she’s going to hate his baby mommas forever. It’s the pick me sh-t I can’t stand.

    1. Facts. She have always been insecure bc she fell in love with a Casanova. She didn’t win him, she bought him. That man would still be in fed if not for her finances. Yandy know he’s still cheating

  4. I think Yandy is a bit bothered seeing Samantha move on and be happy with another man after Yandy had issues with Mendeecees and his mother. I believe the other baby momma is engaged or married too, right? Yandy thought they would be miserable and alone and she took pride in that wrong assumption. Now they are happy and thriving and she’s realizing that win she thought she got was just in her head this whole time.

  5. If she doesn’t want people to wrongly assume she’s jealous, maybe she shouldn’t act so bitter and insecure when she’s talking to and about Samantha. I’m really disappointed in Yandy. She’s acting very bitter and she’s better than this.

  6. Yandy still believes she has to dislike and compete with other women over a man. She’s never going to move on even though Samantha doesn’t care anymore. I just hope Samantha doesn’t watch the show and regress because of the nastiness Yandy is saying in her green screens.

  7. The fact that Samantha has been called a deadbeat mom, was jumped for no reason at the reunion and she’s still trying to be peaceful says a lot about her growth.

  8. You go to Yandy and Samantha’s IG pages and it’s day and night. Samantha is posting support and appreciation of Yandy as a step mom and Yandy is on comments being shady and ridiculous. Yeah, I’m starting to think Yandy was the problem the entire time and many of us were hoodwinked by the bitter baby mama narrative she was selling.

  9. People are seeing the person that Chrissy told you about, the insecure woman who throws rocks and hides her hand. Yandy says she didn’t tell her cousin and friend to assault Samantha so she has no reason to apologize, even though they did it for her. She should apologize because it was done for her. She want because she agreed with it.

    1. Agreed!!! Being saying that from the beginning. All that sh-t on stage was done on behalf of Yandy so you should apologize that’s if you want to move on. Sounds like to me Yandy gots some deep rooted issues she ain’t trying to fix. She was always a big act anyway like Chrissy said.

  10. Yandy doesn’t have to be jealous. Remember, it was baby mamas coming for her FIRST. At the 1st meeting if you recalled Samantha throwing up the past and Yandy was being the bigger person. Sometimes you get tired of trying. Also maybe Yandy did not want to fake it by not giving her a hug. I’m glad Samantha is happy because she’s been bitter in the past. Her man seems supportive and loving so everyone can move on for the greater good of the children. Mendecees knows he has prize in Yandy and she is flourishing in the South!

    1. ALL OF THIS! Samantha was always the salty, bitter one, not Yandy. There is nothing…NOTHING…for Yandy to be jealous of.

      1. And Yandy is the bitter one now. Why do y’all act like Yandy isn’t human and capable of human emotions like everyone else? Is she God and I missed that? Everyone on this planet gets jealous. Everyone is bitter during a storm. That includes you, me, Yandy, and everyone else. Yes, Yandy is jealous. She is jealous that Samantha is happy, in love and thriving while her fake marriage has been a mess and now even Mendeecees mother can’t stand her. At what point do y’all realize that Yandy settled and those “bitter” baby mommas y’all hated so much back then came out better than she did? They aren’t on TV crying about not being appreciated and loved after waiting for a man to get out of prison. That’s Yandy. Y’all really think Yandy won some prize when she actually settled a lot when you compare her accomplishments to his BMs. It’s really strange how y’all look at Yandy’s life like it’s grand. It’s actually a mess. She deserves better.

      2. Samantha wasn’t bitter at all. The issue was she wanted Yandy to stop calling her a deadbeat mom because she wanted a stepmom of the year storyline. Sam didn’t even want Mendeecees anymore back then. Truth be told, she had no interest in waiting around for him while he was in prison. Crazy that Samantha had higher standards for herself than Yandy did. Nobody wanted to be in Yandy’s position but Yandy. She took a huge L chasing after a man with 2 baby mommas and a prison stint in his future. It’s crazy that Samantha is glowing now and happy while Yandy looks miserable in just about every scene she’s in. Women need to stop making all these sacrifices for men with baggage because it only leads to a life of stress.

      3. There’s plenty to be jealous of which is why Yandy is jealous. Samantha had Mendeecees first, moved on, didn’t want him while he was in prison. She was living her best life while Yandy was depressed waiting on him to get out. Samantha didn’t want to be in Yandy’s shoes at all. Not everyone believes in the ride or die nonsense preached to black women. 🤣

      1. No, people just want Yandy to be better. That is what we expect from her. This isn’t about fan girls vs haters. Sometimes it’s just time to grow up. Samantha is there now but Yandy isn’t.

    2. Yandy hasn’t been the bigger person in any situation she’s been in since LHHNY season 2. This Yandy y’all are describing is completely fictional 🤣.

    3. I agree! I think Yandy just doesn’t trust Samantha. I don’t care what nobody says once you break my trust or disrespect me, you don’t get to dictate when I should trust you again. Would I have hugged her no. Be cordial and not throw shade yes. But I wouldn’t be trusting or welcoming in that aspect. I would’ve stated my boundaries & this is how far I choose to go with you. People think establishing boundaries is holding a grudge m, but it’s not. It’s wisdom. Now yandy throwing shots & being shady is too much.

  11. No one has to be jealous. People choose to be jealous just like Yandy is choosing to be jealous now. I don’t think Samantha was ever jealous of Yandy. Unlike the other baby momma, Samantha expressed no interest in being with Mendeecees again. She was actually cool with Yandy until Yandy flipped on her for TV. Yandy lied on Samantha as a mother. Then when Samantha became rightfully upset, Yandy’s people jumped her at the reunion. Yandy has shown over and over again who she is. She’s not a nice person. And I’m sadly realizing that Chrissy wasn’t the bully I thought she was back then. Yandy is the mean girl she wanted us to think Chrissy was.

  12. Yandy seems so miserable to me. And she’s been bitter for a while now. Mendeecees is out of prison now, so why is Yandy so unhappy? Her scenes are so draining now. What’s going on with her?

  13. Team Samantha this time around. Yandy is getting on my nerves. The whole family is over the silliness from 5 years ago. But Yandy is still on it and so is that cousin of hers. Yandy is the problem. She can lie, deflect, and be in denial all she wants. But the majority of fans see that she is the issue. She’s very insecure and that was evident on the Couples Trip and Family Reunion shows. I don’t care what she posts to IG. Yandy does not seem happy. She sacrificed a lot for a marriage that isn’t legal. All because in her mind she needed to beat Samantha and the other bm in some war she’s fighting with herself at this point. Sad all around.

    1. There were more women in Mendeecees life than just the baby mommas but the last baby momma was still with him during Season 1-3. She wasn’t lying when she said Yandy would be downstairs crying. They were living together. Taking trips together. That’s why they initially omitted that baby from the show.

  14. There’s no reason why Yandy should still be mad at either baby momma. Time for her to be cordial and mature.

  15. I think those of y’all that think that Yandy is jealous or pressed are wrong. I think she’s just tired of it all and Mendeecee should have told her that they were meeting up. Even lil Mendeecee thought it was a bad idea for his father to do that. A husband should take his wife’s feelings into consideration when he’s trying to do something that she doesn’t want to do. Yeah I understand that he’s trying to blend his family, but you have to consider all people’s feelings in your want to do this, because it went left when Yandy found out what the dinner was all about. And yes I wouldn’t have apologized either about something I didn’t cause, her cousin did it on her own and that’s where the apology has to come from. Yandy has her reasons why she doesn’t want to do what Mendeecee wants to do and maybe in time she will, but it has to be in her time. He has his kids and a friendship with Samantha that should be enough, Yandy doesn’t have to be in that relationship. Let her be and do what she wants.

    1. @Mary I totally agree with you. 1000% . Periodt! Point! Blank! .
      You could not have said it no better. #pointseenstorytold #facts.

    2. That’s not how blended families work. And if y’all aren’t going to be mature enough to get along with a man’s baby mommas, then don’t procreate with and/or marry baby daddies. Blended families require maturity. Not useless egos and Yandy has a big one.

      1. Thank you. I just wrote a similar comment. If you’re not going to be mature enough to put your feelings aside and make a blended family work, don’t marry men with children. It’s really not any deeper than that. Yandy is very immature.

    3. This!!!! We have to stop forcing people to change when we want to. It’s not immaturity, it’s called being hurt. If her not wanting to deal with her in that way isn’t hurting anyone why force her? Her husband needs to cater to helping her to heal before blending families. Anyone who is married will tell you if the spouses aren’t in agreement you can’t effectively blend. They need to work on them as a couple then try to blend.

      1. No, it’s immaturity. It’s not about Yandy and her ego. The children come first always. They don’t like all this fighting. And if Yandy doesn’t understand that they come before her, she shouldn’t have chosen to have a blended family with a man who has children with two other women. The world doesn’t revolve around Yandy. She’s a bit too self absorbed.

  16. I think Yandy’s fans can only process things on a superficial and materialistic level. Because Yandy is on TV and has money, her fans assume that means it isn’t possible that she could be jealous. That is not how life works. Money is great to have. But let me tell you, money doesn’t erase human emotions and insecurities. Yandy has always been very insecure. If she was a confident woman, she would not have been on this show trying to fight and bicker with 2 women over a man in prison. I can imagine it stings for Yandy to see Samantha and Erika move on with their lives, happy, and glowing while she’s been crying over the same man on TV for how many years now? I agree with those of you who have clocked Yandy’s bitterness. She is not happy and hasn’t been since the first fake wedding they had. Yandy will fake happiness on IG all day everyday but her real life is messy. I’ll give credit to Mendeecees for having enough common sense to understand family has to talk things out and get along because infighting only hurts the kids. Mature stepmothers get along with their stepchildren’s parents when an olive branch has been presented. Now Yandy has been bragging about being a stepmom. Well, it’s time for her to step up and get over herself. Her one on one conversation with Samantha was not a good look for her.

  17. This woman is a piece of work. Writing comments like these when Samantha is being respectful and thanking her for being there for Lil Mendeecees on IG? Like if you can’t see that Yandy is the problem at this point you just don’t want to.

  18. Chile Samantha and Erika do NOT want Mendeecees. So Yandy can stop being mad now. Both of those women moved on to happy relationships. Yandy is still mad and it’s ridiculous.

  19. Yandy’s fans write the most cringeworthy comments man. Y’all got to abandon these pick me mindsets y’all have. Yikes. Some of y’all will risk it all for a man and think the enemy is another woman after than man disappoints and embarasses you. LOL.

    1. Yandy’s fans were hyping her up after she was being goofy and showing off her wedding ring on IG to spite Sam and Erica just to find out months later they weren’t actually married (and still aren’t). I respect Yandy’s success and accomplishments because she’s inspiring in that area. But that’s where it stops for me. She acts very pick me ish and it’s embarrassing. And her fans apparently have the same mindset.

    2. Nothing was more cringeworthy than watching them try to convince people that being legally married is a L and Yandy’s version of “marriage” is better 🤣.

      1. Yeah that was embarrassing. I don’t know why people want to be stans at their big age. It ain’t your responsibility to defend a stranger on the internet. It’s actually corny.

  20. What a difference a few years make. Now the majority of these comments can see that Yandy is the problem. I noticed that back then though.

  21. I’m not sure why there are about 5 Yandy fans on here trying to debate and defend her actions. Yandy herself told Lil Mendeecees it was wrong that her cousin assaulted Samantha and she apologized to him for it happening. So the only reason she won’t apologize to Samantha is out of childishness and pride. And that just confirms to me that Yandy has not grown as a person. She’s actually regressed.

  22. I know my opinion doesn’t matter but Mendeecees would not have settled down with Yandy if it wasn’t for her status & his looming prison term. This man had multiple women.YANDY was paying these women rent & car notes to keep Mendeecees. That’s pimping. Yandy is a good hearted black woman which is why I still don’t like Chrissy, but Yandy got beside herself when Mendeecees came on the show. She became Chrissy, a bully. She was forcing a false narrative down our throats & became mad disrespectful which forced those other mothers to shine a light on her lies.”BREAK BABY”? They were literally cutting the other child out of the picture to fit Yandy’s fake image.

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