Fetty Wap’s Other Baby Mama Calls out Masika Kalysha + Fetty Wap

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

As Fetty Wap is busy expanding his family, one of his baby mommas is angry with him and his behavior as of late. In fact, she went on Instagram Live recently to call out his behavior, which resulted in multiple women, including Alexis Skyy, pregnant with his children, again.

She also threw a tremendous amount of shade at another baby momma, Masika Kalysha. Apparently the two have been going back and forth, and she is no longer here for her, even if their kids are siblings.

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  1. I hate women that bash men but had no problem laying down and making kids with them ESPECIALLY repeat baby mamas. I had a child young by an immature man and we managed to co-parent effectively without speaking badly about each other. He went on to have other children and I never got myself involved in the drama. She sees her siblings when she’s with her father, that’s it. No need for this PETTY behavior.

  2. Sooooooo if he wasn’t taking care of his first child with you…..why get pregnant again…so stupid it’s painful.

  3. It astounds me how every one of these women think they are above one another. You got pregnant by the same guy around the same time knowing his has multiple kids by multiple women. No one is different

  4. They are all dumb. But the real tea is they wouldn’t even tolerate how Fetty plays them if he wasn’t a rapper. So I don’t feel sorry for them. Gold digging is so overrated.

  5. This ladies are embarrassing themselves. They are fighting over a man who doesn’t respect them and just enjoys getting any willing woman pregnant. They better hope and pray he never goes broke like most rappers do.

  6. Ain’t no D good enough to have me looking dumb out here. He’s playing all of them but they are too busy dragging each other to see that. And he just sits back and laughs before he knocks up the next chick. Pathetic!

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