‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky Celebrates Dutchess’ Departure + Dutchess Gets Even

Cease is trying to move forward from his breakup with Dutchess.

He says she tried to sue him but he was victorious and he doesn’t have to pay her half, like she requested.

He opened another shop in Atlanta and things are going good. Sky is managing the shop in Atlanta.

“I’m Ceaser the Great.” – Cease

Cease and Sky are living together in a house in Atlanta.

Sky says living in Atlanta has made her more domestic.

“I’m Susie Homemaker, b*tch.” – Sky

She wakes Ceaser up and he’s in the bed with one of his “flings” who happens to go by the name of Persuasion.

Sky tells Cease he needs to get up and get it together because they need to go to the shop.

They discuss Dutchess’ diss track about them.

She plays the song for him and does her best Ducthess impression in a green screen interview with a mop on her head.

Cease laughs at the diss track and gets ready to head to the shop.

Back in New York, the gang is annoyed that Cease closed the shop for two weeks to renovate it.

Kitty tells the group she doesn’t talk to Cease like that anymore because he’s a hoe.

Melody walks up and says she is still the manager of 113th and she’s annoyed Ceaser didn’t tell her about the shop’s renovations.

Melody unlocks the shop and they are disappointed to find the shop is a huge mess inside.

“Renovated where?” – Young Bae

Melody says Ceaser wouldn’t give her any say in the renovations, and Walt points out the she wanted to be manager so she needs to step up because the shop is unusable as it is.

Kitty says that Cease hasn’t cared about 113th since he opened a shop in Atlanta.

Melody says she will get in touch with Cease and figure out what’s going on.

She calls him and asks what’s going on with the renovations.

He tells her the renovations were paid for and she questions why the shop still isn’t done. She demands that Cease texts her the contact info of the contractors to get things right.

She hangs up on him and Cease tells Sky he’s not focused on the 113th shop right now.

The Atlanta shop has made profit in just six months. So Cease wants to have a party to celebrate.

At the shop, a singing telegram arrives featuring two clowns and a few singers/rappers.

The singers rap about Cease being a thot and that he needs to watch his back.

Cease seems to think Dutchess hired them.

He has the staff throw out the singers.

Melody struggles as manager.

After Melody takes too long to get the contractors to the shop, the gang attempts to fix up the shop themselves.

She returns to the shop and tells everyone to clean up.

They let her know that they were already cleaning up.

Walt tells her she hasn’t been taking her role as manager seriously.

Melody says Walt is not a mother and he has no idea what it’s like for her to try to balance everything.

Walt gets angry and tells her he has three kids and she has no right to try to challenge him as a father.

All of a sudden Donna starts screaming because a dead rat is discovered.

They all run out of the shop screaming.

They head to the 125th shop and Donna’s new boo Mo comes to the shop to meet the group.

In a green screen interview, Donna says this feels like a real relationship.

Donna’s client comes in and wants her to tattoo over a scar on her ankle. She got the scar while she was in a not so great relationship. Although her ex didn’t cause the scar, it is a relationship she wants to move forward from. So getting the scar covered up will symbolize that.

Sky is ready to reach out to her sons.

While Cease and Sky are hanging out, Kit FaceTimes Cease and tells him that he needs to handle the 113th shop.

He ends the call quickly and tells Sky that she’s doing a great job managing the Atlanta shop.

She says she feels stable and she now wants to see if her sons will want to meet her.

“That’s a big step right there.” – Cease

In a green screen interview, Sky says she knows she’s ready to meet her sons. They are now 18 and 19 years old. She feels they are old enough to understand why she gave them up for adoption.

She wanted them both to have a solid upbringing.

“I just wanted them to have a normal life. Not like the life I had when I was growing up.”- Sky

Cease says he is really proud of her.

“I’m ready to meet my sons now.” – Sky

Karlie Redd causes drama at Cease’s party.

As Cease and Sky celebrate the Atlanta’s shop six month anniversary, Kitty is there low-key. She feels like he’s messing around with too many women and it’s hurting his business sense.

Teddy tells Cease that 113th is a mess and he’s worried Cease has gotten unfocused.

But Cease says he was with Dutchess for five years and she was a “crazy b*tch” so he wants to enjoy being single.

Karlie Redd pops up and Cease is confused as to why she’s there since they are no longer dating.

Cease says that the party is almost over and Persuasion laughs with her friends.

Karlie says she doesn’t like what Cease has been saying on the blogs about her. She says he needs to stop saying they slept together because they didn’t.

She throws a drink on Cease.

Her and Persuasion exchange some words and security has to intervene.

Donna gets a threatening phone call.

Melody tells the group to clean up the shop and she will have the contractors come in over the weekend.

Teddy tells them that Cease was cutting up at his party and Cease is going crazy with the women down there.

Teddy feels like he’s just acting out and still hurt by his breakup with Dutchess.

Donna gets a phone call and a male tells her that her ex Maxwell is going to “f*ck” her and her new boyfriend up, so she needs to “stop being a hoe.”

Donna has no idea who called her but tells the group Maxwell has been threatening her from prison. She cries as she recounts the times Maxwell has assaulted her.

Dutchess gets even.

Cease and Sky are kicking it at the house and Cease gets sent a video of Sky’s oldest son doing an interview about her in Dutchess’ shop.

“What is my son doing in Dutchess’ shop?” – Sky

She hasn’t seen her son in 15 years, and she’s hurt to see this is the first time she’s seen him since.

In the video, her son says that the adoption wasn’t legal and he doesn’t need her at all so there will be no reconciliation.

Sky breaks down in tears.

“I’m just wondering why Dutchess put him up to this.” – Sky

Cease says this is a new low for Dutchess and he plans on getting even with her for this.

He consoles Sky as she cries uncontrollably.


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    1. I’m like Black Twitter allowed this? It’s amazing how many passes Sky’s ignorant a-s gets. She’s not that likable.

    2. Sky’s bald headed a-s probably wishes she had Duchess’s locs. It’s funny how someone that stays in a wig tries to mock someone’s real hair. She needs to sit down and be humble.

  1. Sky is a liar. It’s annoying that produces are covering that part of all this up. She lied and said her sons were twins and she gave them away when she was 14. But she was actually 18 and they have different fathers. If she lied about those details, imagine what else she lied about. People need to stop putting her on a pedestal when they drag Dutchess for just breathing.

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