Dutchess Claps Back at Sky and ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers

Dutchess is not going to allow Sky to make accusations about her without being challenged.

On the current season of “Black Ink Crew,” Sky confirmed that she is now ready to reach out to her two sons.

She gave both up for adoption when they were at a young age.

However, her oldest son did a scathing interview about Sky in Dutchess’ tattoo shop.

Cease and Sky claimed that Dutchess is the one who set up the interview and she did so to hurt Sky.

However, the woman who set up the interview took to Instagram to claim that Sky’s former manager is actually the one who set up the interview:


Dutchess reposted the post on her own Instagram page and added the following, calling out the producers and Sky:

As you may recall, we posted the interview months ago, and in the interview, Sky’s son says she hasn’t been truthful about what really happened and she’s trying to get sympathy from the show’s viewers.

His father also put Sky on blast as well.

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  1. My thing is she’s not on the show anymore. So why is she still the focus of the show? Sky is out here trying to shade the Chicago show/Charmaine but you mean to tell me that she can’t hold the season on her own? She has to keep discussing Dutchess to be popping?

  2. It’s obvious the producers are trying to make people more empathetic of Sky because they know the whole adoption thing (how it really went down) is not a good look for her. That’s why her son went off on her the way he did. He knows she’s full of crap.

  3. I like Dutchess but she should have told these people they had to interview somewhere else. All she did was give Cease and Sky a storyline and she’s not getting paid for doing it.

  4. Honestly the whole show seems faker than usual this season. I read the ratings are insane so maybe all this fakery is paying off. But for me, the show was better when it was more authentic. Everyone is trying too hard now.

  5. Sky isn’t going to call out her ex manager because throwing Dutchess under the bus give her and Ceaser something to do.

  6. I think it’s clear as all get out that a lot of these situations they are blaming Dutchess for are contrived. But Dutchess has always been the one they wanted viewers to hate, while someone as despicable as Sky is praised and her disgusting behavior is seen as endearing.

  7. I just remember a time when Black Ink Crew was a “REAL” reality show. No smoke and mirrors. Real artist with real issues . Not scripted and forced by producers. The intro on episode 1 of season 6……seriously?!?!? Like how many takes was that? ?

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