‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Contessa Gets Dr. Heavenly Together + Mariah Returns

Toya wants the group to turn it up a notch.

She tells them that she needs them to turn up more because they have been pretty boring thus far in New Orleans.

They discuss the fact that Toya is irritated that Quad didn’t want to open up about her bedroom life with Dr. G.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie tell her she can’t force people to open up when they aren’t ready to.

The group hops on the bus and Simone refuses to tell them where they are going. She wants it to be a surprise.

While on the bus, Toya and Dr. Heavenly waste no time in getting their first drink.

Contessa sets Dr. Heavenly straight on how to pronounce her name. She’s been pronouncing it “COON-Tessa.”

Heavenly thinks it’s funny and pretends it’s innocent, but Contessa returns the shade by suggesting she thought Heavenly had a speech impediment.

“I don’t make fun of people who have disabilities.” – Contessa

When they get off the bus and arrive to the safari /alligator boat ride, Toya slips and falls. The group laughs at her.

Dr. Jackie says she’s not enjoying the boat ride and she’s afraid of the gators. Simone tells her she needs to start trying new things.

When they get to the part of the boat ride to see the pigs, Heavenly says that one of the pigs looks like Mariah. Toya checks her.

“Look at Mariah!” – Heavenly

“That’s not cute. Why are you angry at that girl?” – Toya

Heavenly denies being angry and Toya says in a green screen interview that she secretly asked Mariah to meet them in New Orleans. She hopes it won’t lead to any drama.

Mariah arrives.

When she gets to the hotel, the ladies aren’t there.

She knows that the last time she saw them (at the reunion), things did not go well.

She makes herself comfortable and awaits the group’s return.

The group makes their way back to their hotel and Toya is nervous about how things will play out.

When they enter the suite, Mariah says, “Surprise!” and everyone looks confused.

“Y’all don’t look excited to see me.” – Mariah

Simone makes it clear she’s not happy to see her there, and she says in a green screen interview that she feels Toya was messy to invite Mariah without talking to anyone.

Toya explains she invited Mariah to New Orleans because she wants all the bad blood to end.

Dr. Jackie says she’s nervous about Mariah being there.

“Now Lucifer has arrived.” – Dr. Jackie

Meanwhile, Quad, Contessa and Heavenly discuss marriage.

Quad makes it clear she isn’t happy with Dr. G. Heavenly says that Quad should be happy she’s not single. Quad thinks this is nonsense. She tells them that she doesn’t feel like Gregory appreciates her.

“Maybe there’s something deeper with him.” – Heavenly

Heavenly says that Gregory may be upset that at 50 years old, he still doesn’t have a child. Contessa says that was insensitive to say because some women aren’t able to have children (even though that may not be Quad’s case).

“I feel like your uterus is your business.” – Contessa

Heavenly says she was only speaking the truth as a friend but Contessa feels like Heavenly doesn’t really know how to be a friend to anyone because she’s always saying hurtful things.

They start arguing after Heavenly tells Contessa to shut up. Contessa doesn’t back down.

“You shut the f*ck up!” – Contessa

In a green screen interview, Contessa says Heavenly always acts like an attack dog and she should never place all the blame on a woman when it comes to a troubled marriage.

At this point, Contessa has decided she does not want a relationship with Heavenly.

Toya walks in the room and Mariah follows behind her.

Heavenly laughs nervously and Quad turns down Mariah offer for a hug.

“It’s like Night of the Living Dead and Mariah keeps coming back.” – Heavenly

Mariah introduces herself to Contessa and Contessa and Heavenly confirm they have been arguing.

“This is some bullsh*t.” – Toya

Toya gets angry and says everyone is acting too fake for her.

“This lack of reaction to Mariah being here is not going to help the process of healing in this group.” – Toya

Contessa says she’s thinking about leaving for Atlanta early because she can’t deal with Heavenly.

The husbands hang out.

All the husbands meet at a cigar bar, except Curtis.

They tell Contessa’s husband, Scott, that Contessa will come back at odds with some of the other women.

Quad and Mariah have an icy moment but still try to interact. In a green screen interview, Mariah says she misses Quad but just being cordial is best.

Heavenly tries to make things right with Contessa.

Heavenly seeks some advice from Dr. Jackie on her issues with Contessa.

“Why am I always in mess?” – Heavenly

Dr. Jackie tells Mariah that she can sometimes be too harsh with her truth.

Heavenly says she wants to do better and she asks Contessa to join her and Jackie for a conversation.

Heavenly apologizes and Contessa does as well. Contessa admits she was immature and didn’t want to have that kind of interaction.

Simone later makes it clear that she’s really upset that Toya invited Mariah to New Orleans.

Mariah tells Toya she did her part and the rest is up to the other ladies as far as peace with her goes.

The husbands gloat about their kids.

Dr. G listens intently and makes it obvious that he’s not happy he can’t contribute to the conversation.

Dr. Gregory tells the husbands that he wants children and Quad says in a green screen interview that they can’t make that step until they deal with their issues.

Dr. Jackie tells Quad that the real reason she’s not happy to see Mariah is because she’s afraid Mariah will say something hurtful about Curtis cheating on her. She still isn’t over what Mariah said to her at the reunion.

A clip from the reunion plays back of Mariah tell ingJackie that she can be a very nasty person and she throws shade in her own way.

Quad confides in Jackie about her troubled marriage and breaks down in tears.

Quad says she feels unappreciated and Jackie admits that she knows Curtis feels the same way. Quad says Dr. G can be hurtful.

“Some of the things that he says to me is just horrible.” – Quad

Jackie says that she filed for divorce but it was painful to watch Curtis leave.

Quad says the lack of reciprocity is hurtful to her and she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Later on, Simone tells Jackie that Mariah being there has made it hard for them to connect about their marriage issues.

She also says that having Mariah there is affecting Quad’s energy.

She tells Toya that she needs to ask Mariah what her intent with the group is.

They eat dinner in their hotel suite and Quad says she’s just going to pretend Mariah isn’t there.

“I don’t see you.” – Quad

Mariah and Quad clash yet again.

Simone says that Mariah is the elephant in the room and Toya says her being there is about women coming together and moving on from the past.

Mariah thanks Toya for inviting her and says she never thought Toya would be the one to reach out.

“It’s some real sh*t and the grown ups get it. And the kids don’t.” – Mariah

Mariah says they can discuss their beefs back in Atlanta plus she feels like she’s apologized enough.

Quad says she is still upset that Mariah said she was homeless back in the day.

“She will do anything in her power to make people feel less of me.” – Quad

Simone insists that they put everything on the table now.

Heavenly says she’s ready to make peace with Mariah.

Jackie says it will take some time for her and Mariah to move forward.

When Quad attempts to speak, Mariah says she doesn’t feel like doing this with her in New Orleans.

They start arguing and Toya says they need to handle issues on their own time because it’s getting old. Quad says she’s not interested. However, she still wants to call Mariah out for her past statements.

“Let it go!” – Mariah

Quad says that she won’t ever discuss her issues with Mariah again.

“Her and I are done.” – Quad

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I really like Contessa so far. I feel like she’s the only one besides Mariah that will call Heavenly out on her messiness. The others just excuse it and that’s my issue with the way they treat Mariah. Don’t push Mariah off the show because you feel she says hurtful things when you have no problem with Heavenly’s behavior.

  2. Quad swears she’s not paying Mariah any mind but gets all worked up when she comes around. Something ain’t adding up. Don’t say you’re unbothered when you’ve been bothered for years now. Even Mariah wasn’t trying to hear that mess because it’s time to move on. I’m glad Mariah shut her all the way down. All these women need to stop being petty, especially when there are double standards for Mariah and Heavenly.

  3. I agree! She allows Mariah presence to get her all in her feelings which makes me believe she misses Mariah but instead of being a woman and moving on she uses it as a storyline in my opinion.

  4. I agree quad seem very playful and somewhat happy to see Mariah when they were in the bathroom talking about weather she can or cannot get on her bed, but then quad got her feelings hurt when she claimed
    Mariah said that she was homeless which I think may have been true because when she was fussing with her husband the first thing her husband said was I’ve been taking care of you since the day I met you! if you had your sh*t together why would he say that? perhaps she was in struggle mode when she met her husband then she got on the show things got better for her and now she wants to be treated with the respect that she feel she deserves but people who were in her life before knows the truth aka Mariah and her Quads husband. Some people never wants to be reminded of where they came from.

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