RHOA Recap: Cynthia Snaps in Kenya’s Defense + NeNe Spills Tea on Sheree’s Prison Bae

Porsha and NeNe continue to argue.

NeNe once again tells Porsha that she fought to keep her from getting fired after she attacked Kenya.

“You shouldn’t even be here.” – NeNe

You aren’t supposed to be here either, b*tch.” – Porsha

NeNe also tells Porsha that she should have been disciplined for what happened with Kandi.

After they argue some more, Cynthia, Marlo and Kandi escort NeNe away.

Sheree stays behind and consoles Porsha after she breaks down in tears. She says she feels like she’s being ganged up on.

In a green screen interview, Kandi admits that she’s happy that she’s not the only one who has beef with Porsha.

Marlo says that they need to come at her like a little sister, but NeNe says Porsha is not that young and deserves to be called out.

Porsha vents to Sheree and says it was wrong for NeNe to say she would remove her and Phaedra from the show on WWHL. But NeNe says she didn’t come out and say that Porsha should be fired.

Kandi says that Porsha says all kind of messy things on Dish Nation about NeNe.

Meanwhile, Porsha says she has never came at NeNe on Dish Nation and Kenya is the one who is telling NeNe that Porsha has been shady on Dish Nation.

In a green screen interview, Kenya says Porsha needs to wake up and see that at one point of time, she had the most support out the group.

NeNe says that Porsha should remember how she petitioned to keep her on the show after she attacked Kenya at the reunion.

Porsha tells Sheree that NeNe has turned on everyone there, including Sheree and Marlo. She also feels like NeNe only cares about her fallout with Kandi to be spiteful.

“NeNe wants to make Kandi’s issue her issue.” – Porsha

Porsha is convinced that people are ganging up on her just for her being herself.

NeNe tells everyone that she may never be friends with Porsha again, but she will try to at least be cordial for the sake of the group.

Porsha calls her mom and recaps her confrontation at dinner with NeNe.

Her mother, Diane, says that it’s not cool that “a 50 year old woman” would go off on someone she used to call her “little sister.”

Porsha agrees.

Porsha gets emotional about Kenya’s loss, NeNe spills tea on Sheree’s prison bae.

At the next group outing in San Francisco, the ladies meet up to hop on a trolley and sight see, and NeNe and Porsha don’t speak.

Kenya has to leave the trip early to bury her grandmother, and she shows them the video she’s been working on for the funeral.

Porsha gets a little emotional because she recently lost her uncle.

She gets up to walk away to process things and says she wishes she could connect with Kenya about their losses in a green screen interview.

Cynthia follows behind her to check on her.

She breaks down and tells Cynthia that she wishes she could talk to Kenya about losing her grandmother because she can relate.

Cynthia tells her she understands and she also says that she has been in a similar situation with NeNe when they weren’t on good terms.

Producers play video of NeNe saying that Cynthia brings nothing to the show on WWHL.

NeNe tells the others that she feels like she did everything to help Porsha but it was not reciprocated.

They go to Chinatown, and look around.

NeNe tells Kandi and Cynthia that she met Sheree’s prison bae before Sheree did.

“He’s a con artist.” – NeNe

NeNe says he didn’t con her but she always had a feeling something was off with him. So she wasn’t surprised when he got locked up.

In a green screen interview, Kenya says the FBI needs to find out who’s name is on Chateau Sheree.

Marlo plots but Kenya is a good sport.

Marlo comes up with the idea to plan a fake wedding for Kenya and hire a fake husband to get under Kenya’s skin. She calls NeNe while shopping with Porsha and Sheree.

Porsha thinks this could go left but agrees to it after Marlo says Kenya should be used to pretending to be married anyway.

Marlo and Sheree set up for the wedding, and they jokingly tell Kandi that Kenya’s husband Marc is coming.

Instead, they pull out a cardboard cutout of a man with a question mark as a face.

“I think it’s perfect!” – Porsha

NeNe says she hopes Kenya doesn’t take it personally and says in a green screen interview Cynthia can be overprotective of Kenya, so she may not like their idea.

Cynthia calls and is under the impression that they are meeting downstairs to go to a gay club.

When Cynthia and Kenya get there, everyone yells, “Surprise!”

They then give Kenya a veil and flower bouquet. She plays along because she says it’s silly and “so stupid.”

Despite what may have been meant as shade, Kenya gets some good laughs in and doesn’t take it seriously as NeNe is the officiant.

“Oh this is great.Thank you guys.” – Kenya

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she can’t understand why Kenya didn’t want to bring Marc around after being accused of having fake boyfriends for years.

After the fake wedding, Porsha pulls Kandi to the side and apologizes for the Phaedra situation. Porsha says she hopes they can move forward one day and Kandi hears her out.

Kenya and Porsha connect.

Sheree suggests that they go to Napa for some wine.

On the train ride to Napa, Kenya and Kandi talk to Porsha about being Vegan. Kandi says that’s a good look if she can continue because she was getting chunky. They all laugh.

Kenya then tells them about learning how to calm down on being an Alpha woman now that she’s married.

In a green screen interview, Porsha says that didn’t work out too well with her with Kordell, but she hopes it does for Kenya.

NeNe asked Sheree if her prison bae is going to come out of prison tricking stocks like he did before. Sheree tells her it wasn’t stocks but securities and wire fraud.

Kandi continues to make small talk with Kenya and Porsha. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she is trying to be mature on the trip and nothing more.

She confirms such to NeNe, Marlo, Sheree and Cynthia after she leaves Kenya and Porsha to continue small talk on their own.

Kenya discusses Marc with Porsha while Kandi is away.

Porsha then tells Kenya that she apologized to Kandi about what happened with Phaedra. Kenya tells her that she feels Porsha had good friendships with Kandi and NeNe, so she should try to understand their points of views.

Cynthia storms off after Kenya’s marriage is discussed.

They arrive to Napa and get a tour of the place with a flirty tour guide. Kenya wastes no time in letting him know she’s a married woman and letting him know Porsha, Marlo, Sheree and Cynthia are the single ones.

After Marlo does some pretty “interesting” things with grapes in her mouth, Sheree teases in a green screen interview that she now knows how Marlo gets all her designer clothes and bags.

The ladies make some wine by smashing grapes with their bare feet.

Kenya prepares to leave to head to her grandmother’s funeral, and says in a green screen interview she feels like the group really cares and supports her now.

She says goodbye to everyone before leaving for her flight.

Cynthia gets fed up.

The remaining ladies have some wine and toast to Kandi’s Essence cover.

Kandi admits when she was in New York, she and Todd were tempted to visit Marc’s restaurant. But she decided not to because she didn’t want to upset Kenya.

It bothers Kandi that they haven’t met Marc.

Cynthia defends Kenya and says that she doesn’t want to bring Marc around because she’s been accused of having fake relationships in the past.

Sheree says that if that’s the case, that’s more reason for Kenya to bring Marc around to finally shut down the rumors.

Marlo also says Cynthia and Kenya aren’t really all that close if she hasn’t met Marc. She then goes on to say that there’s no way her friends wouldn’t have met her husband if she was married.

“Kenya is a loner. Kenya is different from you.” – Cynthia

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says the group gave Kenya drama for not having a man and now that she has one, they are still being messy.

After Marlo says they should play a game and see who really believes Kenya is married, Cynthia gets up and says she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about Kenya in her absence.

Marlo accuses her of being too sensitive, and Kandi says she understands why Cynthia feels uncomfortable.

NeNe says Cynthia is doing too much but she goes out to check on her.

Cynthia sheds a couple of tears and NeNe tells her that it’s okay for people to question Kenya’s marriage if she won’t bring Marc around.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia admits Kenya’s marriage situation isn’t normal but she’s going to remain a true friend and support her.

She rejoins the ladies at the table and says she doesn’t like that she wasn’t invited to the wedding but she can’t force Kenya to do anything.

Marlo says she figured not being at the wedding did hurt Cynthia.


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  1. I wonder why people are mad at Cynthia when she was just being a real friend to Kenya? It’s like people don’t want Kenya to have anything good in her life.

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