Watch: Dutchess Pulls out Receipts + Puts Ceaser & Sky on Blast

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By: A.J. Niles

The saga of Dutchess versus “Black Ink Crew” continues. This time, Dutchess cleared the air with Viv, the woman who interviewed Genesis and his father at her shop. The two of them were on The Breakfast Club this morning and spoke in detail of what happened.

Dutchess also confirmed that she paid over $20,000 in child support for Ceaser during their relationship.

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    1. Receipts for days. I don’t know how people can still believe Sky or Cease after watching this but I guess when you really hate someone, you won’t accept facts.

  1. She basically confirmed how fake the show has gotten. So Cease never got another woman pregnant and the producers hired that girl to say that so he would have a storyline. Wow.

  2. I’m glad Dutchess pointed out that Sky keeps making this about her to deflect from the fact that she has been lying this whole time about what happened with her sons. The sad thing is that her stans don’t care and will keep sending vitriol to Dutchess when Sky is a fraud.

  3. Sigh people just refuse to question or call out Sky’s lies at the end of the day that’s the biggest issue for me.Dutchess shouldn’t have let them interview him at her shop that was wrong BUT what he said about Sky has nothing to do with Dutchess and how much anger and resentment he has against Sky he was going to eventually blast Sky. Honestly Dutchess is waisting her time because even after posting receipts people still don’t believe her she’s still getting dragged.

  4. I think Dutchess needs to let this go. Sky’s stans will still hate her because they refuse to see Sky for the sh–ty person she is. The good thing is Dutchess now owns two businesses and she’s opening up a new shop soon in another state. She is making real money moves while Sky and Cease pretend to be bosses in homes the network rented for them. Frauds!

  5. Now that she laid everything out on the table and brought receipts, she can move on with her life. Neither Cease nor Sky are worth her attention. Both of them are clowns who need a reality show to make a living.

  6. Why are people saying Dutchess needs to leave Sky’s kids out of this when Sky is the one who brought her kids into it? She’s the one who brought them up on the show first and completely lied about everything. When you lie on TV, the truth is bound to come out and it’s no one’s fault but your own for not being honest. People are only giving her a past because they love her hood rat gutter personality for some odd reason.

  7. I still like Dutchess. I’m just glad she realized that she didn’t need to keep doing the show to be successful. Being on a reality show doesn’t seem like all it’s cracked up to be anyway. Way too much drama.

  8. I find this all interesting because Dutchess loves to say she won’t bash anyone and doing her own thing but continues to throw shade at Sky and her situation with her children. While sky was in jail her mother gave her kids up for adoption because she wasn’t healthy. They went to the same family one son is a start football player at his high school and the other has been in and out of juvie. So for Dutchess to say he didn’t have a good life is a lie. The foster parents gave him everything and he chose a different path for hisself. The foster parents also have pictures of both sons traveling the US and Dutchess lied about the baby father being a different person than on the show. It’s the same guy that sky met up with to discuss the boys. Good job Dutchess for the receipts but how can you say you have moved on and truly want to find peace when you are holding on to proof and spent your entire time on the breakfast club talking about black ink?

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