Azealia Banks Feels Charlamagne tha God Confirmed Her Suspicions About Cardi B?

Earlier this year, Azelia Banks and Cardi B. had an intense back and forth on social media over Azealia’s opinions of Cardi’s recent success.

Azealia’s specifically said that black men were tremendously more supportive of Cardi’s career than any black woman, especially Azealia’s career. She feels that alleged support helped Cardi B’s breakout single “Bodak Yellow” go triple-platinum.

Recently, Charlemagne tha God posted a platinum plaque that Cardi’s label Atlantic Records sent his station, Power 105.1. They sent the plaque as a thank you for supporting the record, playing it numerous times on their airwaves.

When Azealia saw the post, she suddenly felt vindicated, because she felt it was proof that Charlemagne and other black men put their overwhelming support behind Cardi’s records instead of hers or other African-American female rappers.

Check out the post and Azealia’s comment below.

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  1. Sigh this is exactly why Azealia is in the position she is in because she is so worried about other peoples success instead of her own. How are you ever suppose to be successful when you so worried about the next person success. All that energy she spends being miserable and hating she should use it to focus on her career smh.

  2. While you watching somebody else’s pot yours is going to boil over(my grandmother used to say!)In other words mind your OWN business & focus on YOUR goals and dreams,and don’t worry about what so&so got going on.Worry about doing better & being the best you,you can Be!!!!!Thank yoi,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

  3. I wish Azelaia would stop her obsession over Cardi. Say what you want about Cardi but she worked very hard and invested her own money to make her dreams happen. Had Azealia followed the same path and did less of this catty stuff online, she’d be a star right now. She certainly has the talent.

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