Sky’s Son Genesis Has More to Say

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

A major plot-line for “Black Ink Crew” this season will be Sky reconnecting with her two sons. During last week’s episode, Sky ended up calling the foster-mother in effort to see them.

But according to her oldest son Genesis, all isn’t well with this woman.

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    1. What I’m thinking is that Sky was pushing the lie that she gave up her kids for them to have better lives and that they were indeed living well and got to travel to all of these distant countries…when in reality they aren’t.

  1. He has bad genes. No amount of good upbringing was gonna change that. If the adopted mom was stealing, they probably did travel quite a bit. Rofl

  2. Sky is wrong for all this damn lying. She could have had even more fans if she kept it real. But instead she and Cease lie about everything. They are nothing but posers.

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